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Bowling For Columbine (2002)


Overall Rating = 8.75
Type; Documentary
Five out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Level Of Intelligence Meter

Michael Moore, oh boy, this man leaves me speechless after every documentary I watch. He continues, film after film, to show the world what the United States is really all about. He is absolutely amazing at poking at the most horrid topics and creating this over-the-top view on them that leaves people with their jaws dropped to the floor or in tears.  This film was an amazing outlook on how easy it is to acsess guns, and how much guns are looked upon as a savour rather than weapons of mass destruction. Moore spent a lot of the movie , obviously, on the school shooting in Columbine and how the two “gun-men” or boys simply went into K-Mart and bought their ammunition that killed innocent teachers and students. Moore also touched on the rigid minds of the NRA, how they could possibly hold gun seminars right after Columbine and also right after a 6 year-old girl was shot by another first grade boy. I think that if SOME Americans weren’t such oppressing fools there would not be as many guns being packed around, and hidden all over houses. Therefore, maybe there would not be as many murders.


– R

Bowling for Columbine…. good movie. I’ll admit that one main reason i found this movie so awesome was the fact that Michael Moore wasnt infront of the camera too much. Dont get me wrong, I love his depth and his intense interviews, but i just dont like looking at the guy. The movie taugh me a lot… mainly that if i want a gun all i gotta do is open an bank accound in Michigan. Not only did this movie introduce a new found extreme hatred towards Charlton Heston, but I actually saw some of the idiotic reasoning behind Americans carrying guns. Fear… It is very ture…. us Canadians don’t have as much fear in our lives, and most of us dont feel we need to carry handguns to stop the badguys. Overall this movie was great. I bought it, and Ill watch it again and again. Props to Michael Moore, the man behind the documented American truth.  




November 20, 2006 - Posted by | Movies

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