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Fifa Street 2

Awesome Tricks!!! So much fun to play…. but extremely frustrating. We’re only half way finished right now, so ill edit this when we’re done and post my opinion on the ending. Its a great game to play with a group, its an awesome multi-player game. The tricks are extreme and really easy to learn, unlike other games where its to complicated to try. It also did a phenomenal job with the 320 Pro Superstars featured. The “Rule the Street” 1 player section is fun to play, and its packed full of extras. Its isnt just a straight forward tournament or something boring, you have to upgrade your team, challenge old team mates, create a playing field, custom create a personal player. As well as all this is has an amazing soundtrack, and a custom mp3/radio feature where you can add and delete the songs you want to listen to while your playing one of the best Xbox Soccer games of its day. Added in with the Skill Challenges and the normal game mode this game makes the list of awesome sports games to add to your collection.



 I have been playing this game for about a half a month now and im almost at the point where i would rather throw the controller at the t.v screen than try to beat the level.  I think that I’m at about 63% done the game and trust me it is not getting any easier. It is a great game to play, it has awesome graphics and awesome everything. I highly recommend this game to people who like competitive sports and like to play against other people because it is excellent for that. Althought B and I throw some awful words at one another when we play that game its still awesome.




November 22, 2006 - Posted by | Xbox Games

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