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Paper I wrote on; Pressure for Unification in North America

North America has had pressure for years to blend all of its different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Throughout history North America has always had a huge diversity of different people. Lots of people living in all parts of North America want all of these differences to mix together, while the minorities are pushing to keep their uniqueness. An example of this, in Canada, is the confrontation between the Native Americans and the government. Through the Indian Act, Bill C-31, and many other legal documents the Native Americans feel that they are being pushed into the common culture of North America.

Unification of a country has many positive and negative sides. The blending of cultures, beliefs, traditions, and customs would undoubtedly lower the problems with racism and oppression. If more people believed in the same things there would be less room for difference, which would eliminate the possibility of minority or majority groups. If everyone’s values were the same, discrimination wouldn’t pass on. As well neutralizing differences, the diffusion of cultures creates more creativity. When given the chance to cross blend different ways of life, new products appear. This would, and does create religions, traditions, sports, companies, and many other culturally appealing and attractive alternatives.

Although this seems appealing, you have to take the time to acknowledge the point of view of the minority groups. The thoughts of many Native Americans is that “Indians think it is important to remember, while Americans believe it is important to forget.” Many of these people feel that their ways of life are being pushed out of history, and forced to be forgotten. It is so important to Native Americans to gain back the rights and freedoms that they once had to live and practice the traditions they believe in. They feel that they are not the same as the majority Americans, and they don’t want to be. Unification would not only bring them further from there heritage, it would also force them closer to the customs of American life.

With this being said, I think it is safe to say that the discussion of unification in North America is one that would have both strong positive and negative followers. People from all different ethnic backgrounds would have various opinions, and this topic wouldn’t be completed in a debate. Watching the transitions in North American life brings you to see that this unification and diffusion is already happening among us, and many other countries in the world. It seems to be fully in progress, and stopping it would impossible.



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Paper I wrote on; African Impact on North American Culture

The creativity of the African Americans has had an enormous impact on so many different aspects of North American culture. The seventeenth and eighteenth century slave trade brought numerous West Africans to North America. The slaves were brought from different parts of Africa, and although there were fewer numbers of immigrants from south-eastern Africa their cultural impact wasn’t lessened at all. The type of cultural blending mostly depended on the location, and ethnic background of the Europeans interacting with the African American people. African impact was strong and very common in many Latin American and Caribbean places. In 1983 6.2% of the general population of Latin America was of the African ethnic group, and many were African mixed races. Some of the many influences are music, literature, media, and fashion. My main focus is musical influences, and the creativity derived from it.

The main influence in my opinion is music, and the center genre would definitely be blues. Although there hasn’t been certain answers about how exactly the music was derived, we do know some facts about the constructing of instruments. Many believe that Africans brought with them the instruments, and some suggest that the remains of red clay that was caked to the surface of some drums indicates that they had been buried and hidden away. Some others say that this would have been near impossible, and the instrument would have been made upon arrival in North America. This fact would be hard to believe because of the limited recourses that slaves had. Although either way, the influences are undeniable.

Creativity wasn’t hard for African Americans, they had endless hardship to create songs about. I think we would all agree that the original theme of music is based on the experiences that the artist has had. And through out the lives of these slaves, experience was something which they carried with them. The slaves took what they thought was important and useful to them from the European culture, and brought it into the music they made. Another reason for such a creative outflow would be the constant craving for African culture. After being moved so far away from everything they knew, it would be understandable that they would want to carry on anything to keep them close to their ethnic background. The attraction from North Americans towards this culture, is what has kept the product of African and European mixed customs alive. African music has always been more functional. Every genre or piece of music has some function, either to tell a story, make work go by better, or just to give pleasure. But above all African music is more closely tied with details of living, more so than most European songs. The pleasure of this music is what has kept the strong attraction to it in North America. None of the music that we listen to today would be the same without these huge, substantial imprints.



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Fergie, oh Fergalicious

Ok, so we just downloaded the Fergie cd, and wow. I must say it is A-W-F-U-L. The things she sings about has to be the worst I’ve ever heard. Do you really need to repeat over and over how to spell the words delicious, and tastey, i think we all learned that in our early years of elementary. Then theres “All that i got (the make up song)” *VOMIT* over and over again she asks her man, or woman whatever, if they’ll still love her if she doesnt work out or if she doesnt change her freakin natural hair, my god! Her lyrics sound like she actually wrote them, theyre awful. Dont get me wrong i used to LOVE Fergie but then i heard the rest of her songs and it blew me away how awful they could actually get. All of her songs sound like shes trying to be someone else, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Pink and any other well known female artist.  Her song “Clumsy” talks about how she got hit by cupid, but clearly cupid hit her much to hard because she all of the sudden lost herself and became everyone else.

Fergies overall rating for this album, as some of video on trials people would say, 12 Dirrrrty Hollabacks out of a ka-zillion

– R[odeo=]

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