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Paper I wrote on; Diversity in European Colonizing

European colonialism brought so much diversity it is almost hard to site specific examples. Indigenous tribes were the first cultural group to have emerged with European contact. The British, French and Irish, as well as many others came over in hopes of a better life. The stories and ideas of a new country moved fast overseas and brought people with dreams and experiences of all varieties. With this, mixed-race marriages and relationships began. New relations were derived when two mildly, or extremely different cultures combined. African culture has played a prominent role in North America’s cultural history as well. In modern Canada, mainly in British Columbia, Asian culture plays a remarkable role.Asian culture has impacts on business, fashion, and many other aspects of society. Many of the Asian immigrants coming to North America are wealthy, and come for business opportunities, or better education. Many of the technology and business oriented occupations in Canada have spots that must be filled by immigrants, and most of these educated immigrants come from various parts of Asia. This immigration benefits North America, and it also creates a more diverse land mass. Immigrants from Asia bring along with them different fashion, cuisine, and media outlets. As well as all these social differences, religion is brought into the equation. Immigrants from anywhere in the world bring with them their own religious beliefs, and not only immigrants recently. Throughout history, Canada has been seen as one of the most diverse countries, and it isn’t only religion that gives this impression. Canada also has a multi-juridical law enforcement system, Quebec uses Civil law based on historical documents, whereas the rest of Canada uses a separate system based on English common law.

The nuclear family has been effected throughout history by diversity. When ethnic backgrounds blend together to create a family, many times the religious beliefs of these individuals follow them. This usually causes conflict with the choice of religion for the children of the family. Children are also affected when they have two racially different parents, because many times they have to struggle to find information about their relatives, and the ways of their traditional lifestyles.

All of these important aspects of ever changing diversity in North America come from outside influences. I am proud to live in a country with such an assortment of ethnic, religious, and cultural choices. Although there are flaws, it seems we are living in one of the most open-minded countries in the world.



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