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Paper I wrote on; Reassertion of Local and Regional Culture

Globalization is bringing cultures together, and mixing the beliefs of many various backgrounds. While this is happening though, many cultures are struggling to keep the uniqueness of their ethnic background sacred. Whichever culture you think of, you can imagine the difficulties they would find in keeping their traditional lifestyles. The most common thought is that if everyone comes together there won’t be as much discrimination. One of the goals of the groups who are trying to keep their unique lifestyles is keeping their people marrying and reproducing people of the same race and ethnicity as themselves. This pressure is going to easily lead to more racism and new discrimination from minorities towards majority groups. Rap and Hip-Hop artists don’t usually look kindly towards white artists trying to produce the same kind of music as them, and this is just one example of the many ways that the reassertion for local and regional cultural tradition is growing. The creativity that was brought from different places is being used by North Americans, and this is seen as the disfiguration of their uniqueness.

The push to carry on cultural traditions is producing gangs and a number of negative aspects, although it is also producing more ceremonies and traditional customs. More musical and artistic productions are coming out as well, and many are going mainstream. The media is using all the creativity of separate cultures to make new shows, for example, the show “So You Think You Can Dance?” mixes all various types of dancing and judges people on their ability to do it. There is also a pushing force by many religious figures to join the views of their groups, I feel it when I talk with certain elders and religious believers. For as long as I remember there has been a pulling sensation from all religious angles.

All of these different acts seem to be those of people in positions of powerlessness that want to be heard. They want society to recognize that they have a personal freedom to express themselves the way that they want. It needs to be seen that although they have this right, there is nothing stopping other people from joining their ideas, and maybe it shouldn’t be such a bad thing to have followers. Instead of looking at these people as intruders, they should see them as interested people ready to be educated on that certain way of expression.



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