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Pearl Harbour (2001)


Overall Rating = 7.91/10

I don’t even know where to start with this movie. I have so many mixed feelings and views on this…. I love the movie, I cant help it. I would love it so much more if it resembled any form of true history. I know that Pearl Harbour was tragic, and watching it was incredibly hard. Just the thought of all those people dying… But the music, and the cheers, and everything leading up to the end… it all conditions you to think that bombing the Japanese was the right thing to do. It shows the bombs dropping and it tries to make you feel good about it. Nothing in war ever turns out good, and I hate when there are pig headed American film producers who try to come off as partiotic and heroic, when really the entire idea of war is disgusting. I think if the screenplay was co-written by a historian or any nuetral well educated person the outcome would have been much more accurate. On a lighter side; the movie was put together amazingly well, the love story and all the side stories were intense tear-jerkers. The graphics were great, and the acting was phenominal. When I say that though, Im speaking of the side characters. Cuba Gooding Jr, Tom Sizemore, Jon Voight etc. I have never liked Ben Affleck, but this was one of his better films. Kate Beckinsale was stunning, and Id watch the movie all over again just to see her. but….Alec Baldwin…. He looked like he thought he was in a parody mocking pearl harbour, rather than representing an important role in his countries history. Not that I didnt think it was funny, but casting him was a huge mistake. I cant quite figure out if I like this movie or not, I go back and forth… and I just dont know. So im going to justify my radical rating with this; acting 8/10,  Side stories 9/10,  Historical Followings 5/10. Total



This movie for me was one of the most heart-wrenching, it definately came close to being as sad as Titanic was the first time I seen that. I knew a little bit about the history behind the real Pearl Harbour attack (i failed to pay attention to that in school), but B filled me in as to what was told actually happened. Even though it was mostly the American’s view on the war, i still found this to be an amazing story. With both the war story and the love triangle they created.  The part in the movie that got to me the most were all the men in the ships drowning and their hands coming out of the ship grate things. I got teary there. And then when Danny dies and tells Rafe that the baby that would be Dannys is now Rafes…oh boy…the tears were a flowing. Kate Beckinsale is also one of my favourite actresses and I think she did amazing. Josh Harnett did really well for mainly being know as a “chick-flick-actor”, and Ben Affleck, I applaude him for actually impressing me in this film. I hate Alec Baldwin, and thats all I’ll say about him. I liked this movie immensly, i could watch it a couple more times and it was still have the same effect on me as it did the first time.




November 26, 2006 - Posted by | Movies

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