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Stealing Harvard (2002)


Overall Rating = 3.04/10
Type; Comedy
Zero out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews LaughO-Meter

This movie was directed by Bruce McCulloch, the director of Superstar, so I had high hopes. But unfortunately it let me down. I absolutely hate Tom Green, and I usually cant stand watching his movies, but this was one of his better ones. The plot had potential i guess, but not much. It was quite… bland. Although it did have its up points, like whenever Megan Mullally was in front of the camera. She almost managed to make the movie worth watching. It had its funny parts, but it seemed like it had all been done before. Im going to give a bland review for a bland movie. Frankly, it just wasnt that good.  



This movie was ridiculous. Its story-line, the actors/actresses, it was just stupid. But this isnt including Megan Mullally because i love her i think her part was probably the best throughout the whole entire movie. The story-line was just so dry, it was definately something that felt like was done before as B said. It seemed like they tried way to hard to make something like a college tuition funny, when in the end its simply just not what it was. This is definately not a movie worth watching more than half of. 2.75/10

– R


November 29, 2006 - Posted by | Movies

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