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Along Came A Spider (2001)


Overall Rating = 3.92/10
Type; Action >>> Crime Action
One out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Thrill-O Meter

The Story;

 A young girl is stolen, and most people (cops included) believe the suspect to be someone other than who it really is. Its the story of the search for the missing girl and the problems faced by everyone searching.
It turns out to be the type of movie with a “freak surprising” twist, and you find out that the kidnapper is actually one of the security gaurds who was watching over her.

The Film Reviews;

Along Came A Spider is based on a book written by James Patterson, in his series about a detective named Alex Cross. Its electrifying for its time. I found that this movie was a mind-game thriller, if you like the movies that you can follow and form your own detective skills around than this is a good movie to watch. It definatley isnt on the same page as the incredible detective thrillers that are coming out as of 2005, but it is worth watching. Morgan Freeman plays an interesting Alex Cross, and his acting is just as good as ever. The other characters had a hard time keeping up, and I think there was a bad mix of good along with horrible acting ranges throughout this movie. It was sad that some of the main characters *cough* Monica Potter *cough* couldnt even keep up with the young actress playing the kidnapped child. I think the book deserved a small amount better, and I recomend that if you have already read the book dont get your hopes to high for the movie to match, and if you havent read the book, than do so cause it is a full step higher than the screne play written for it.



I have read almost all the Alex Cross – James Patterson novels, and i have noticed that almost all the movies that have been made from the books havent been nearly as good as the books were. The movies are alright, but not anything special, they dont live up to be what they could. The one maybe worth talking about wouldnt be this film, it would be Kiss the Girls. I like how they have kept Morgan Freeman as Detective Alex Cross, they picked a really good actor for the part, and after reading the books, it is almost exactly the way i would picture him to be. This film could have been much better.



The Acting Reviews;

B’s Review of Monica Potter


I haven’t seen many films with Monica Potter, but watching this one makes me thankful for that. I wasn’t so much that her acting wasn’t professional or anything, I just didn’t like it. She was so mono-tone and boring, and she was shown up by pretty much every other actor/actress on set. She’s gorgeous and has an award winning smile, but she doesn’t show much talent in the film ‘Along Came A Spider’, although I haven’t given up on her completely. I’m still excited to review more films that she’s in and give her a fair chance to change my mind.


*Monica Potters Filmography on*

B’s Review of Morgan Freeman


I usually don’t have a problem with Morgan Freeman’s acting, and I don’t think he did a particulary bad job in this movie, he just didn’t do a phenominal job as well. Personally I beleive that this movie pulled him down a little, I think he would probably get some negative reviews from this film because the movie itself wasn’t great, which mean in turn – that none of the acting could have been that exceptional.
When Morgan Freeman finds a role that works with him perfectly he’s great, but he doesn’t do that very often. All I can think when I see him now is how goofy he was in Bruse Almighty….
His acting wasn’t bad enough for me to fail him though 🙂 haha. I know that he knows how to act, he just needs to learn how to be more selective of the movies he agrees to be in.

*Morgan Freeman Filmography on*


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