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Fergie = On Crack at Billboard Music Awards?

I just finished watching Fergies not-so-lovely performance at the 2006 Billboard Music awards. It was definately not the same girl who could belt it out when she was apart of The Black Eyed Peas. She was a girl, who looked like she was shoved in a dress that brought back memories from a rough childhood, and was put under heavy, heavy sedation.  She looked like a stiff barbie doll, you know the ones that cant bend at the knees, or one of those stiff marching soldiers off Toy Story that have their feet bound together. She couldnt sing to save her life, it was like she knew that Gwen Stefani was watching her, and got scared back into the cake she thought she looked sexy popping out of. Or she knew that Gwen was performing almost right after her and she knew that she didnt stand a chance trying to be Gwen’s not-so-pretty mirror image, so she basically threw it all away. Will-i-am was there to make her look good, when clearly that was impossible, he had a way better performance that she could ever try to make tonight. Awful. Im convinced that the part that they censored wasnt because she swore but because she forgot the words to Gwen’s songs..i mean her song. My Opinion is, quit show biz and start a new career.

Fergies overall rating….wind-it up and get the hell off the stage cause you will never be good enough to dance with the Harajuku Girls

– R


December 5, 2006 - Posted by | Gossip, Music


  1. She really was terrible-not sure if she couldnt hear herself at the beginning but she was like a stick-no dancing-TERRIBLE. It was as if she had stage fright.

    Comment by audio engineer | December 26, 2006 | Reply

  2. umm
    i don’t know much about fergie
    but i like this song (fergalicious) hehe

    Comment by anniesf | January 2, 2007 | Reply

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