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Jessica forgot the lyrics because of her dress????

I havent heard anything quite like the excuse Jessica Simpson made up, although her sister is a close runner up for lame and fake excuses. So, she was singing the song “9 to 5″…a tribute to Dolly Parton keeping in mind. At first it was ok, then she got to the part where she clearly forgot how to read. She did have cue cards. She sang”working 9 to 5, hum dee hum hum hoo li loo”. This should be a clear sign that she cant sing, she cant act. But the screw up of a tribute song couldnt ever be blamed on the singer, it was obviously because her million dollar dress was falling apart (why wouldnt it?) and because the person who wrote the cue cards obviously spelt the lyrics like that so that Jessica couldnt read it. Dont worry Jessica its not your fault! Let your people have your back, you just sit and try to look pretty while you and sister go on a wild rampage of lip syncing, and destroying the world with your ever so horrid voices. Hey Joe Simpson, maybe you should re-think your manager job!  

– R


December 6, 2006 - Posted by | Gossip, Music

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  1. She’s a talentless idiot. She’s pretty and stacked though, and that, apparently, makes her a big fish in the kiddie pool. I haven’t seen her privates all over the web so she must be pretty classy for a bimbo.

    Comment by J | December 6, 2006 | Reply

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