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Paris and Britney Deek the Billboards to have sex in public bathroom??

Paris Hilton pulled out of co-hosting the 2006 Billboard Awards because she wasnt happy with her script for the nights show. She said she didnt want to say anything that may hurt or offend her peers. Ok, let me get this straight, can people actually take into offence “that’s hot” because im 100% those are the only two words she knows how to say. And then, go figure, her co-host which just so happened to be Britney Spears…is any one really surprised?, backed out also. Hmmmm. A coincidence? Probably Not. They both backed out just hours before the show, now was it just to hit the nightclubs in vegas and disappear into bathrooms for 20 minutes only to return looking like they just had extremely wild sex? Or because they really didnt want to say anything rude about their friends? last time i checked every music awards has joked and comments about everyone, did they expect just because they’re the top Yahoo Search people that they would be different? right….Its clear in this picture that maybe a little something something is happened between the two, maybe this explains the horrid visions of Britney attempting to perform sexually with ex-fed maybe shes just a natural born lesbian also explaining her two failed marriages…and then Paris the free spirited child who goes with anyone that gives her the attention that she needs at that particular time. hmm…leaves a person to wonder. Will Paris be the new daddy to Britneys children?

– R



December 6, 2006 - Posted by | Gossip, Music

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