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Dawn of the Dead

Overall Rating = 5.04/10

We watched the unrated director’s cut of this movie and it wasnt really that special.  Really none of the movie was worth watching. Recomendation: always choose Shawn of the Dead over this one. The acting was so-so, and none of it is worth talking about.  I seem to remember some of the extras being better than the main characters. The story was really plain, and the ending was horrid. A woman gives birth to a zombie baby and then they shoot it in the head, its really messed up.



This movie isnt one that id recommend to other people. It was only my first time seeing it and it took 3 or 4 days to watch it. IT was kind of a ridiculous story, she wakes up and her husband gets bit by a little zombie girl. Then hes a zombie blah blah blah and the cycle continues. It reminds me too much of other movies. Like 28 days and 28 days  later or whatever. This movie sucked.




December 10, 2006 - Posted by | Movies


  1. You should check out Shaun of the Dead for a good hearty laugh. It’s brilliant, one of my favorite parodies of all time!

    Comment by adamcw86 | May 8, 2007 | Reply

  2. I love Shaun of the Dead! Awesome movie!

    Comment by Chelsea | May 8, 2007 | Reply

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