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Four Brothers (2005)


Overall Rating = 8.05/10
Type; Drama >>> War/Battle/Action Drama
Four out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Dramatic Level Meter

Im ashamed to say that I loved this movie. I know that I’ve claimed hatred for all the Wahlberg’s but this movie was fun to watch. I was surprised to see that Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) could act, especially in a movie like this. But the caracter fit him well. My favorite part of this movie was Terrence Howard, I love him. As well as his acting being incredible, I enjoyed seeing Garrett Hedlund for the first time> the scene where he’s dying is awesome. Some negative points> all scenes with Mark Wahlberg in them, especially the final fight scene. He fit the roll of Bobby well, in a physical way, but the actually acting was horrid.  It was all around a Cracker Gangster movie. It was very white, which was disapointing. Lots of the lines by Wahlberg came across very white trash and frantic. Instead of keeping up a tough front he was whimpy sounding. All the other acting in the movie was good though, it was  a cute yet scary story. It was painful that all three of the best actors died off in the movie; 1. Garrett Hedlund 2. Terrance Howard 3. The Mom.



Ive seen this movie so many times and still im not sick of it. I love almost everything about this movie, the one thing i didnt like is some parts of Mark Wahlbergs character. They  made him out to be too much of a black gangster, and he could have done way better if they tuned the black-poser-ness. Other than that this movie was awesome, I loved the way everything was put together. It was a great mystery the whole way through basically. Not only was it a great story but it also had great actors and the one brother in this movie, Garrett Hedlund, isnt one ive seen in alot of movies but did great work in this film   Definately worth the watch!




December 12, 2006 - Posted by | Movies

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