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The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006)



Overall Rating = 2.69
Type; Drama >>> Dramatic Thrillers

Zero out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Dramatic Level Meter

Wow. Really thats all I can say about this film. Thats not wow in a good way, this movie had the highest annoyance level out of almost any film I have ever come in contact with. Right from the begining you can tell that its going to be a nothing film. To sum it up;
-guy has headaches and flashbacks like in the original Butterfly Effect only difference is that in this one its when he looks at pictures.
-they failed to make any connections from the two films other than the condition that both main characters suffer from
-it takes the guy 5 or 6 chances to change the life path of him and his girlfriend and he still f-cks it up.
-film ends with a shitty scene that puts you in an angle that restricts your vision and makes you beleive for a split second that she is talking to Nick in a coma, not her infant son that she named after him.
The annoying thing about this film wasnt that it was horribly put together and the plot really sucks, but it was that Nick couldnt make the simple connection to go before the accident and not drive away. Instead he thinks that he is going to be heroic if he commits suiside…. He could have got the call, not left, got fired and carried on with his life with profound knowledge (mainly that his girlfriend will be unhappy if he doesnt move to New York with her), end of story. Its just frustrating. Finally, you know you’ve completed a sad movie when the sex scenes are the only parts worth watching.


The main thing that I understood from this film that kinda made it a little more tolerable, is the fact that it seems to be trying to didplay almost a prequel rather than a sequel. At first when I thought about this I thought that it could work because in ‘The Butterfly Effect’ it shows that the boys father used pictures to trigger memories – and during this film there was the secitons with the mother being pregnant. It was really confusing though because by the end of this film you arent sure if he lives or dies, or anything thats happening. So this is just another reason that this film SUCKS.



When i watched the first Butterfly Effect i thought it was such an amazing movie. A movie that clearly did not need a sequel. But then, out came a sequel without the same people, but with the same story line bull shit. It was ridiculous and not worth watching at all. Basically if youve seen the first, youve seen the second.




December 22, 2006 - Posted by | Movies

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