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Miss Nevada throws it all away

Although Ive never cared for beauty pageants, I saw this and desided that I had to write about it because its way too funny. It turns out that Miss Nevada started drinking and partying, and got a little crazy. During all of this fun there was pictures being taken of all the fun activities she was doing. Obviously, even if you are the most uneducated in the feild of pageants, like me, you know that if someone drinks and parties and practically had public sex that they get kicked out. Appartenly because they are “supposed” to be setting an example, although i dont see how. So…. turns out that she wants a second chance. View the pictures and deside for yourself if you think she deserves it.


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Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz lets it all fall out

Most people have heard of Fall Out Boy, I hope.  Well… it seems that the bassist Pete Wentz has dropped his pants for some self taken cell phone pictures.  So… it turns out that he sent them to a girl that he liked and then they got sent around to everyone. I guess he learned his lesson. I watched an interview where he commented “All I can do is laugh about it now”, and Pete… I think thats all everyones been doing for a while now. Ok, so I know that theres going to be some viewers who read this and are intregued and curious, although Im not willing to post the revealing photos on this blog, I will however give you a link to the first site that I found hosting these “Fallen out boys”.  My opinion… its hard to imagine that this was just a publicity stunt, you’ll know what Im talking about when you see the photos. Because you’d think that if Wentz knew about the scandal that would arise and how many millions of people would see the pictures, Im pretty sure he would have taken more flattering photos. Celebrities should just know better by now.

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Donkey Konga 2

You have a couple ways you can go about aquiring this game, you either already own the bongo drum set, you buy the version of the game that supplies it, or you purchase it seperatly. Any way you do it, my recomendation is that you DO use the bongo drums when playing this game with a group or alone. It is possible to play with the original GameCube controller, but not only is it twice as hard, its also half as satisfying. So, the deal with this game is you have to follow the beat of the song that you select. The yellow marker being the left drum, Red being the right, Pink is both drums hit at the same time, and the blue star shape means your supposed to clap over the sencor inbetween the two drums. There are many ways to play this game; Battle is for playing multiplayer against eachother etc. but the only fun selection that I found off the main menu was the “Street Performance”. When you select this category, you have the option of Monkey, Chimp, or Gorilla…. Monkey is the easiest setting and Gorilla is the most difficult, there is also Beat-mix’s, which just change the beats that you play. You have to complete all categories with 100% to complete Street Performance. Currently we have completed all of the Monkey songs with gold DK’s (100%) and have moved on to the Chimp. In order to play the Gorilla songs, you have to beat that song on Monkey mode with 100%, then go to the shopping mall to purchase the Gorilla version under Jungle Jams. The number of bananas on the top of the song selections show the difficulty rating of the song, the more bananas the harder the song.
My personal opinion of this game is its rad! Its a lot of fun to play, and you cant really go wrong especially when you play with more than one person and pass around the drums. Its fun to watch other people, and it only gets more and more difficult. Just go out and buy it if you have some spare cash and want an entertaining game to play with friends, or a frustrating game to play alone.



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Black Christmas


Overall Rating = 2.62

I think just the title of this film will tell you just how much imagination was used to complete it. So… we thought that we’d change up the traditional Christmas a little bit, add a little something to the end of the night, and so we thought we’d go see Black Christmas since it came out on Christmas Day. I had seen previews for it on TV and it looked decent enough, although, the fact that the trailers showed nothing about the actually storyline should have been a give away that this movie was an ass-sucker. Alright, so originally I had no idea that this movie was a rip-off (and not a good one) of an older film by the same name. First of all Im going to comment of the acting, because i really dont have much to say about it… it just wasnt good. Its hard to talk about the plot of this story due to the lack there of. The only part of this movie worth following was the constant flashbacks to an earlier time, where there was something actually going on. Other than that it was just pointless, un-needed gore the entire time.

Spoilers ahead: don’t read if you havent seen the film

It starts out with a nasty scene with a woman getting her eyeball squeezed out of its socket, and that it pretty much the sum of the rest of the film. Its a story about a boy who is un-loved by his mother, and who witnesses first hand his mother brutally murdering his father (the only one who had ever cared about him). After that she locks him in the attic and and finds a boyfriend, who she calls his step-father. She tries to have a child with this man, but randomly he seems to fall asleep during sex, she gets fed up and sleeps with her son….I KNOW! She has his kid, which is also his sister and she is really messed up. The mother excessively loves the girl and tells her that she is her only family which sends the boy into a fury. He then kills the step father, rips out the eye of his baby sister/daughter and eats it. Kills his mother with a rolling-pin and then uses a cookie cutter to make shapes of the flesh on her back, puts the “flesh cookies” in the oven and eats them. As I told you earlier this is the only part of the film that you can possibly find continuous. Then he breaks out of jail, his daughter/sister follows him as they go on a killing rampage, slaughtering a houseful of sorority sisters on Christmas Eve. Top random unnessisary fillers that show the lack of creativity or imagination:
-The boy has a liver disease that in turn makes his skin yellow, and you never find out why that would be important
-The daughter/sister talks like a man
-They come back from the dead, with the ability to fake death, get past perimedics into the morgue in body bags to kill the people in the hospital
-Sex tape on the computer and random phone calls
-the entire murdering rampage
-Eve??? where did she come from and why was she in the car??? None of it makes sense!!!!
-The random boyfriend who shows up during certain scenes and then goes away again. I Black Christmasfollowed that it was a decoy to make you think that he was the killer which would be completely unplauible but his character was flat and frankly annoying. As well relating to the sex tape comment, his relations with more than one of the women is necessary…???
None of it makes any sense, and the more I think about the film the more I realize that it reminded me of a horrible B horror film with no substance. I wish I could find something good to say about this film, but all I can come up with… is that the make-up artists were good with the blood, brains, and eyeballs but again on the downside they lacked in the ability to make either of the two killers look real or even human. After looking around the web ive come to the conclusion, just from images that the original film already looks a fair amount better than the 2006 version.



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