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Donkey Konga 2

You have a couple ways you can go about aquiring this game, you either already own the bongo drum set, you buy the version of the game that supplies it, or you purchase it seperatly. Any way you do it, my recomendation is that you DO use the bongo drums when playing this game with a group or alone. It is possible to play with the original GameCube controller, but not only is it twice as hard, its also half as satisfying. So, the deal with this game is you have to follow the beat of the song that you select. The yellow marker being the left drum, Red being the right, Pink is both drums hit at the same time, and the blue star shape means your supposed to clap over the sencor inbetween the two drums. There are many ways to play this game; Battle is for playing multiplayer against eachother etc. but the only fun selection that I found off the main menu was the “Street Performance”. When you select this category, you have the option of Monkey, Chimp, or Gorilla…. Monkey is the easiest setting and Gorilla is the most difficult, there is also Beat-mix’s, which just change the beats that you play. You have to complete all categories with 100% to complete Street Performance. Currently we have completed all of the Monkey songs with gold DK’s (100%) and have moved on to the Chimp. In order to play the Gorilla songs, you have to beat that song on Monkey mode with 100%, then go to the shopping mall to purchase the Gorilla version under Jungle Jams. The number of bananas on the top of the song selections show the difficulty rating of the song, the more bananas the harder the song.
My personal opinion of this game is its rad! Its a lot of fun to play, and you cant really go wrong especially when you play with more than one person and pass around the drums. Its fun to watch other people, and it only gets more and more difficult. Just go out and buy it if you have some spare cash and want an entertaining game to play with friends, or a frustrating game to play alone.




December 26, 2006 - Posted by | GameCube Games, Gaming


  1. Im pritty sure im the best at this game

    Comment by jasper bastock | December 26, 2006 | Reply

  2. no no haha We have another drum set and when I come down there Ill bring it and we’ll see whos better it a battle!

    Comment by Chelsea | December 26, 2006 | Reply

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