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Saddam Hussein Hanging Video

Edited video or Uncut Version 

Its hard to talk about such foul entertainment without gagging, I’ve commented on things that people find interesting from  genuine amusement to sex videos, naked photos, and gossip at large but this has got to be the lowest point. Now its hard to think that someone could enjoy watching this video but its obvious from reading other blogs that the interest is there, and it really scares me. From a political view this current discussion starter is really something to talk about, but when you read people describing their extreme personal pleasure from watching the death of another human being society needs to check what its future target is. No one can possibly think in 2006 (nearly 2007) that something like this is actually meant to be a punishment. Its never going to end and this is only making Hussein look more heroic to his followers. What kind of world do we live in when the death penalty is still used and public execution is seen as entertainment and viewed with pleasure.  I watched the video out of pure curiosity, I never thought that something like this would be flaunted and “caught” on cell phone cameras. Why didn’t we all stand in the streets and hoist our kids onto our shoulders to watch it and cheer when his neck snapped, oh yeah; because none of us want to get off our asses, we’d all rather watch it on our computers from our nice warm houses. Not only have we justified murder and brought ourselves back to the 1800’s but we’ve done it lethargically. By killing a killer the murder mentality is only kept alive. Hell if we’re going to slaughter murderers lets stone Bush, i bet that would get more views on your youtube account, bring your cell phones. I mean, if we’re talking about war crimes, the war in Iraq wasn’t passed through the UN which makes it illegal; so how many deaths does Bush have on his list?



December 30, 2006 Posted by | Politics | 8 Comments