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Michael Blake’s “Dances with Wolves”

This was the first novel by Michael Blake that I have read but it is definitely not going to be my last. Up until the time that I finished this novel and fell in love with the concept of Blakes writing I had no idea that there was a sequel for “Dances with Wolves” titled “The Holy Road”. Im so excited to find this book and read it, and his autobiography as well titled ” Like a Running Dog (which also sounds amazing). I was completely fasinated with this novel and the entire story, Ive never read anything with such depth and honesty about the raid and slaughtering that went on in early North American history. 
The story itself holds so much meaning and emotion around relationships, from close friends to loved ones, and even to the extent of a relationship with an entire group. It had me close to tears yet smiling at the same time and the intense feelings were the best part of reading it. During my last semester at school I was in a Native Woman Studies class that brought me so much insight and powerful wisdom about struggles and fierce oppression than many of us females will never fully understand even with the pressures and patriarchal disfunction than we currently live in. Throughout this novel I was entrapped in the controversy and pulled into the settings. Blake used such extraordinary imagrey that I felt a part of the entire story. I am a little weary of watching the screne play produced from this novel but I think with time Im going to watch it just for a critic.

Lieutenant Dunbar was posted in an isolated run down village that was completely empty and decaying per his request for a postion of solitude. With his extra time and bordom he started a friendship with a wolf that followed his around and ate scraps of meat that he threw, he called him Two Socks. One of the immediate relationships that you meet in this novel is the close ties that Dunbar has with his horse. Along with that you soon run into the friendship that he starts with Two Socks. Right from the begining you are given information about Dunbar and the many accomplishments that he has mad unselfishly but in a very materialistic way and I could tell just from knowing ahead of time what the novel was about that he was obviouly going to find some moral guidance. He soons incounters the Comanche and they grow a special bond with each other. There is one among them who goes by the name Stands With A Fist and she came from White heritage. The leaders of the Comanchegroup soon discover that it would be to there benefit if they could get these two to learn to speak to eachother for common information. With time Stands With A Fist remembers to use her old tongue and Dunbar is taught to speak Comanche. They really start to trust Dunbar when they see him playing with Two Socks, that is when he get given the name Dances with Wolves.

Just a taste:

The following is my favorite chapter and the most intense passage. It is a dream that Dunbar has and must figure out the meaning of. The Second part of Chapter XXIII;

The trees were bare of leaves.
Patches of snow lay on the ground.
It was very cold.
A great circle of uncounted common soldiers waiting lifelessly, their rifles standing at their sides.

He went from one to another, staring into their frozen, blues faces, looking for signs of life. No one acknowledged him.

He found his father among them, the telltale doctor’s bag hanging from one hand like a natural extension of his body. He saw a boyhood chum who had drowned. He saw the man who owned a stable in his old town and who beat the horses when they got out of line. He saw General Grant, still as a sphinx, a soldier’s cap crowning his head. He saw a prostitute, her dead face smeared with rouge and powder. He saw his massively bosomed elementary-school teacher. He saw the sweet face of his mother, tears frozen to her cheeks.

This vast army of his life swam before his eyes as If it would never end.

There were guns, big, brass-colored cannons on wheels. Someone was coming up to the waiting circle of soldiers. It was Ten Bears. He walked smoothly in the brittle cold, like a tourist, he came face-to-face with one of the cannons. A coppery hand snaked out of the blanket, wanting to fell the barrel.

The big gun discharged and Ten Bears was gone in a cloud of smoke. The upper half of his body was somersaulting slowing in the dead winter sky. Like water from a hose, blood was pouring out of the place where his waist had been. His face was blank. His braids were floating lazily away from his ears.

Other guns went off, and like Ten Bears, the lodges of his village took flight. They gyrated through space like heavy paper cones, and when they cam back to earth, the tipis stuck into the iron-hard ground on their tips.

The army was faceless now. Like a herd of joyous bathers hustling to the seashore on a hot day, it swept down on the people who had been left uncovered beneath the lodges.

Babies and small children were flung aside first. They flew high into the air. The branches of the bare tress stabbed through their little bodies, and there the children squirmed, their blood running down the tree trunks as the army continued its work.

They opened the men and women as if they were Christmas presents: shooting into their heads and lifting off the skull tops; slitting bellies with bayonets, then parting the skin with impatient hands: severing limbs and shaking them out.

There was money inside every Indian. Silver poured from their limbs. Green backs spewed from their bellies. Gold sat in their skulls like candy in jars.

The great army was drawing away in wagons piled high with riches. Some of the soldiers were running next to the wagons, scooping the overflow off the ground.

Fighting broke out in the ranks of the army, and long after they had disappeared , the sound of their battling flashed on and off light lightning behind the mountains.

One soldier was left behind, walking sad and dazed through the field of corpses.

It was himself.

The hearts of the dismembered people were still beating, drumming out in unison a cadence that sounded like music. He slipped a hand under his tunic and watched it rise and fall with the beat of his own heart. He saw his breath freezing in front of his face. Soon he would be frozen, too.

He lay down among the corpses, and as he stretched out, a long, mournful sigh escaped his lips. Instead of fading, the sigh gained strength. It circled over the slaughtered ground, rushing faster and faster past his ears, moaning a message he could not understand.



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The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006)



Overall Rating = 2.69
Type; Drama >>> Dramatic Thrillers

Zero out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Dramatic Level Meter

Wow. Really thats all I can say about this film. Thats not wow in a good way, this movie had the highest annoyance level out of almost any film I have ever come in contact with. Right from the begining you can tell that its going to be a nothing film. To sum it up;
-guy has headaches and flashbacks like in the original Butterfly Effect only difference is that in this one its when he looks at pictures.
-they failed to make any connections from the two films other than the condition that both main characters suffer from
-it takes the guy 5 or 6 chances to change the life path of him and his girlfriend and he still f-cks it up.
-film ends with a shitty scene that puts you in an angle that restricts your vision and makes you beleive for a split second that she is talking to Nick in a coma, not her infant son that she named after him.
The annoying thing about this film wasnt that it was horribly put together and the plot really sucks, but it was that Nick couldnt make the simple connection to go before the accident and not drive away. Instead he thinks that he is going to be heroic if he commits suiside…. He could have got the call, not left, got fired and carried on with his life with profound knowledge (mainly that his girlfriend will be unhappy if he doesnt move to New York with her), end of story. Its just frustrating. Finally, you know you’ve completed a sad movie when the sex scenes are the only parts worth watching.


The main thing that I understood from this film that kinda made it a little more tolerable, is the fact that it seems to be trying to didplay almost a prequel rather than a sequel. At first when I thought about this I thought that it could work because in ‘The Butterfly Effect’ it shows that the boys father used pictures to trigger memories – and during this film there was the secitons with the mother being pregnant. It was really confusing though because by the end of this film you arent sure if he lives or dies, or anything thats happening. So this is just another reason that this film SUCKS.



When i watched the first Butterfly Effect i thought it was such an amazing movie. A movie that clearly did not need a sequel. But then, out came a sequel without the same people, but with the same story line bull shit. It was ridiculous and not worth watching at all. Basically if youve seen the first, youve seen the second.



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Pursuit of Happyness (2006)


 Overall Rating = 9.31/10
Type; Drama >>> Emotional Drama
Five out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Dramatic Level Meter

There was so much hype about this movie being the best of the year, and how it was meant to sweep people off there feet that I was sure I was only getting my hopes up by going to see it. But it was jaw dropping. Im just going to take a moment to reflect on Will Smith as a sole contributer to this film. I have almost always hated Will Smith, from Fresh Prince, to his music career and most of iRobot, but he blew me away in this one. I never thought that he could do such a good job in such a meaningful film, I was on the edge of my seat waiting the whole time for him to drop all that he had built up. It would be too much to say that this film changed my life, but it definatley changed my night.  Just the fact that it was based on a true story makes you really beleive that anything is possible. Chris Gardener went through the hardest times and he never lost his focus or once gave up on himself and Im sure that there would never have been such a struggle to overcome if he didnt have a son that he loved with all of his heart. I loved watching it, it was perfectly funny, sad and annoying and never once messed up the great combination of emotions. Will Smiths son did a phenominal job playing the role of WIll Smiths Son… and I’ll be waiting to see him act in roles that he doesnt live every day, no im kidding he did an excellent job breaking my heart and then fixing it again. I recomend that you see this movie if you havent already because if nothing else it will most defineatly be an inspiration.



Wow, this movie was amazing. I dont think that it would have been as powerful as it was if it had been a little tv screen. But being in the movie theatre with this huge screen made the story so much better..I have never really cared for Will Smith, except kind of in the old Men in Black movies. But i must say hats off to Will Smith and his little son who did a remarkable job portraying such a powerful story.  I think that if this story wasnt the actual reality of a mans struggle in life it wouldnt have been so great, but knowing it was a true story left my jaw dropping in many places throughout the film. Congrats to Will Smith for actually pulling off making a great film!



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Oceans Eleven (2001)



Overall Rating = 8.00/10
Type; Action >>> Crime Action

Four out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Thrill-O Meter

Im not usually a fan of Brad Pitts movies but this one was definatley interesting. I saw it a couple years ago, but it was one of those movies that you completely forget about until the next time you see it. I would recomend watching it if you wanted a thriller that would keep you occupied for a couple hours but thats all its really good for. Dont take that the wrong way though I really enjoyed watching the movie, I love Julia Roberts and the enitre cast did incredible, it just didnt jump out at me. It isnt a  movie that Im going to talk about or make reference to, and it wont be one that i ever use to compare future film to.  The theme of the movie was not in the slightest bit original but it was still a breakthrough. It could have been more though with such huge names acting in it.  I was disapointed with lots of the scenes, and the character that they had Matt Damon acting only made me hate him more. One thing I wasnt disapointed by though was the ending, it really caught me off gaurd. I was sure throughout the film that i had predicted everything at least close to correctly but I was way off on the ending. With that being said, Im going to leave this review with some final words; no more Matt Damon, more Julia Roberts, and more guns.



I had never seen this movie until just recently and I really enjoyed it. I also thought that I knew what was going on the whole time. But they did a very good job twisting it to seem like they were actually on-live robbing the bank at the time Terry Benedict was watching it. The other thing I love about this movie was the amazing cast they had, they had so many huge actors and actresses. the cast which consisted of big shots: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Bernie Mac and so many more of them!! It was just an all around amazing movie, with the mixture of action and suspense. I loved it. 8.17/10


The Acting Reviews;

B’s Review of Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt was… Brad Pitt in this film. The pretty boy that everyone falls in love with, the one that everything revolves around.
No, he actually wasn’t that bad in this film. I’m going to give him a C, and that’s actually very generous for me because most other Brad Pitt acting reviews that I do he probably won’t pass in my personal opinion.
He is an alright actor, but everyone has made him out to be this amazing actor and he really isn’t that special. His name was one of the biggest in this film, along side George Clooney and a couple others, and he was shown up by almost every actor on set.

*Brad Pitt Filmography on*

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Grandma’s Boy (2006)



Overall Rating = 6.75/10
Type; Comedy

Two out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews LaughO-Meter

This movie was way funnier that I thought it was going to be. The trailers for it never showed any of the good parts, and that made the expereince better, but it also discouraged me from ever watching it before.  I loved the acting and the idea was interesting, it could have been better, like if they had more of the crazy robot dude. He was awesome. The theme of older people, especially men, living at there parents houses and never really fending for themselves has been done many times before so I found it refreshing that it had some different ideas incorperated in it. For instance; how they worked for a gaming company, the best parts of the movie seemed to come from that. The parts with the animals just wasnt funny, to me it was nothing more than some stupid comedy that only a south park fan could find funny. If half of the actors had been different the movie would have fallen apart.  Doris Roberts stole the movie, the best part of the entire film (to me) was when they accidentally drank all of the weed thinking it was tea and then sat on the couch laughing at a Spanish television network. She’s such an amazing actress. It was worth watching though and Im glad that I gave it a chance.



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Deja Vu (2006)


Overall Rating = 9.66/10
Type; Action >>> Crime Action

Five out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Thrill-O Meter

Craaaaazy ass movie!!!! I just got home from watching this movie and it blew my mind! It was intense right from the very begining till the last minute, it didnt slow down once. The theme was so advanced and the acting was perfect. I was a little weary at first cause the trailers didnt do this movie justice at all. It bothered me that they showed this film in such an ordinary way, because it is so far from ordinary. It had a continuous effect, there was literally never ending things to see. Right from the begining you can tell that its going to be an amazing film. There really isnt anything bad to say about it, other than the last word. At the very end, when Doug (Denzel Washington) says “Nah”, it just killed the mood for me.



When I first seen the previews for this movie I pretty much just thought that it would be another one of those regular action/ suspense movies Denzel Washington was in. But i went to see it in theatre anways and WOOOOO EeeeEE! This movie honestly blew my freakin mind, I have never seen a movie quite like this before. I cant even think of any words to describe this movie, it was really just mind blowing. I agree with B there is nothing bad to say about this movie except for the ending, it was on the edge of being extremely corny. Which would have completely ruined it for me. Theres the trailer below, but my final words are dont judge this movie soley by its trailer! watch it anyways!!



The Acting Reviews;

B’s Review of Elden Henson


Elden Henson is one of those actors that you notice only after you’ve seen him in other films. I remember watching ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and thinking that the movie was so much better just for him being in it, and then I watched ‘Deja Vu’. You just can’t get too much of this actor, cause he doesn’t go overboard theatrically. He’s a very monotone almost nuetral actor. It works for him.

*Elden Henson Filmography at*

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Four Brothers (2005)


Overall Rating = 8.05/10
Type; Drama >>> War/Battle/Action Drama
Four out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Dramatic Level Meter

Im ashamed to say that I loved this movie. I know that I’ve claimed hatred for all the Wahlberg’s but this movie was fun to watch. I was surprised to see that Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) could act, especially in a movie like this. But the caracter fit him well. My favorite part of this movie was Terrence Howard, I love him. As well as his acting being incredible, I enjoyed seeing Garrett Hedlund for the first time> the scene where he’s dying is awesome. Some negative points> all scenes with Mark Wahlberg in them, especially the final fight scene. He fit the roll of Bobby well, in a physical way, but the actually acting was horrid.  It was all around a Cracker Gangster movie. It was very white, which was disapointing. Lots of the lines by Wahlberg came across very white trash and frantic. Instead of keeping up a tough front he was whimpy sounding. All the other acting in the movie was good though, it was  a cute yet scary story. It was painful that all three of the best actors died off in the movie; 1. Garrett Hedlund 2. Terrance Howard 3. The Mom.



Ive seen this movie so many times and still im not sick of it. I love almost everything about this movie, the one thing i didnt like is some parts of Mark Wahlbergs character. They  made him out to be too much of a black gangster, and he could have done way better if they tuned the black-poser-ness. Other than that this movie was awesome, I loved the way everything was put together. It was a great mystery the whole way through basically. Not only was it a great story but it also had great actors and the one brother in this movie, Garrett Hedlund, isnt one ive seen in alot of movies but did great work in this film   Definately worth the watch!



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Dawn of the Dead

Overall Rating = 5.04/10

We watched the unrated director’s cut of this movie and it wasnt really that special.  Really none of the movie was worth watching. Recomendation: always choose Shawn of the Dead over this one. The acting was so-so, and none of it is worth talking about.  I seem to remember some of the extras being better than the main characters. The story was really plain, and the ending was horrid. A woman gives birth to a zombie baby and then they shoot it in the head, its really messed up.



This movie isnt one that id recommend to other people. It was only my first time seeing it and it took 3 or 4 days to watch it. IT was kind of a ridiculous story, she wakes up and her husband gets bit by a little zombie girl. Then hes a zombie blah blah blah and the cycle continues. It reminds me too much of other movies. Like 28 days and 28 days  later or whatever. This movie sucked.



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Bob Marley’s Children…

There is much controversy over this; so I am listing and informing to the best of my ability. I will start with Marley begining a relationship with Cheryl Murray- this relationship resulted in one child; Marley’s first daughter:
Imani Carole (born 1963): Imani is recognized least of many of Marley’s children, and hard to find information on. After this Marley married wife Rita Marley( married 1966) which  brought him one step daughter (Sharon Marley). This marriage also produced 3 of Marley’s biological children; 1 girl, and 2 boys (Cedella, David, and Stephen): 

Sharon Marley (born 1964): Sharon was born before Marley started dating Rita, but he considered Sharon one of his own kids. He adopted her when he married Rita.  Although I can’t find any albums that she has produced soley of her songs, she does background vocals and harmony for most of her brothers (ex. Damian, Ziggy, Stephen etc.) Following is a video “Black my Story” by Ziggy Marley, in which she sings and is featured in the video as part of the Melody Makers with background vocals. She works with many different organizations to help children, and mainly spends her time raising funds for charity. She is currently working on opening one of the day care training centers in Jamaica.  




Cedella Marley
(born 1967): Cedella has common qualities as Sharon, as they both do background vocals. Cedella has a clothing line called “Catch A Fire Clothing“. She is also featured in the above video “Black my Story” singing with her sister Sharon. 






David “Ziggy” Marley (born 1968): Ziggy is the eldest of Bob Marleys children with a full discogaphy. He has been producing albums for years, and was Marleys first born son. He lead the group; Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, which consists of his siblings Sharon, Cedella, and Stephen. In his more recent albums he has drifted away from Reggae a little and touched on some Rock, Jazz, and R & B roots.  His discography:
2006- Love is My Religion
2003- Dragonfly
2000- Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers Live Vol 1
1999- Spirit of Music
1998- Reggae is Now
1997- Fallen is Babylon
1995- Free Like We Want 2 B
1993- Joy and Blues
1991- Jahmekya
1989- One Bright Day
1989- Conscious Party
1986- Hey World!
1985- Play The Game Right


Stephen Marley ( born 1972):
  Stephen “Ragga” Marley has been reviewed my music critics as having his fathers personality. It is rumored that his sound and stage performance is the most similiar to his fathers out of any of his childrens. Stephen has recently released Got Music? (2006), and is in the process of releasing Mind Control (2007).  In the following video you can see that he was best fit to tribute “No Woman No Cry”, you can also see Ziggy on the drums, and his sisters throughout the video. Although they all have amazing musical skill, he is usually the one singing his fathers music. He does it so well.









After he split up with Rita, he began to date Pat Williams. They only had one child together (Robert):
Robert Marley (1972): As im sure you can see, the time period is a little controverial. Its seems that Stephen and Robert were born during the same year, to different women. Robert isnt not a musician and is also hard to find information on.Marley then began dating Janet Hunt who carried his 4th son (Rohan):

Rohan Marley (born 1972): Now here comes something to think about; another son, during the same year, by a third woman….


Janet Bowen gave birth to Marley next child:
Karen (born 1973): Another one of Marley’s kids that did not persure a musical career


Marley then had a child with Lucy Pounder:
Julian Ricardo Marley (born 1975): Julian along with most of Marleys other children became a background vocalist and front singer with siblings. He has worked with many of his brothers and sisters







Marley began dating Anita Belnavis (tennis player) and had a 10th child with her:
Ky-Mani Marley
(born 1976): Also a musician, but usually colaborations, no singles that I found.


Marley then had a child with Cindy Breakspear (Miss World 1976):
Damian ” Junior Gong” Marley (born 1978): Damian Marley is probably one of the most popular artists out of Marleys children. Although he was Marleys youngest son, he has probably sold the most amount of albums comparing to his siblings. His discography:
2005- Welcome to Jamrock
2001- Halfway Tree
1996- Mr. Marley






Last but certainly not least Marley had his youngest daughter with Yvette Crichton:
Makeda (born 1981)

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