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Swordfish (2001)



Overall Rating = 7.60/10
Type; Action >>> Crime Action
Three out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews ThrillO-Meter

I loved this movie, I’ve seen it at least 10 times and its the type of film i could watch over and over again. Maybe it’s the cast that i admire, or just the awesome storyline… either way its just so entertaining. I love John Travolta and Halle Barry and they both did an exceptional acting job in this film. I’ll admit that the plot doesnt match up to lots of the newer movies, but for its time this movie was phenomenal. Although the ending was a little cheesy i loved it. Although this film is fun to watch it isnt fun to review, and I don’t have much to say about it. Watch it for yourself and see what you think



This movie was insanely full of twists and turns, the part i really liked was the beginning when it began with what was really the end/middle of the movie. I liked how they showed the viewers what exactly all the build is going to lead to. Personally i never really like John Travolta before but now after watching this movie my view of has changed drastically. It was definately a unique story, i havent seen a movie that was quite like this. At first i thought the storyline was almost choppy but i guess near the end it all pieced itself together for me. I loved most of the actors of this movie but i must say i did not like the main computer hacker guy, i dont even care to write his name in my review.



The Acting Reviews;

B’s Review of John Travolta


I would normally give Travolta a higher rating than a B- but his hair bugged me too much in this film.
His acting is amazing though. I’ve always been a huge fan of John Travolta’s. He was like he always is in this film, it wasn’t anything different or spectacular, but it was good ol’ John Travolta. One thing that I really liked about him in this film is the weird ass character that he played, this dude was one fucked up guy.

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January 1, 2007 - Posted by | Movies


  1. Didnt see it…will have to look out for it…he he

    Comment by mannar | January 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. swordfish is fun =)

    Comment by anniesf | January 2, 2007 | Reply

  3. Loved it! Totally, absolutely, positively, different from any other of it’s time! Brilliant – even better had they opted for ending #2.

    Comment by Chris | August 21, 2007 | Reply

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