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3 Children Dead after watching Hussein Hanging

Three Children (10 year old boy from Pakistan, 15 year old girl from India, and 9 year old boy from Texas) all hung themselves within the last week after watching the Hussein execution.

The boy from Texas watched the leaked out video of Hussein’s Hanging and simulated the execution; “We’re theorising he tried to experiment or mimic the behaviour and it got out of control,” local police captain Thomas Claunch stated. According to Police reports the young boy went into his bedroom and tied a peice of clothing to the bunk bed and then around his neck. “There was nothing to indicate any criminal wrongdoing, it appears to have been a tragic accident.” Mr Claunch said. 

In Pakistan the 10 year old boy and his 11 year old sister both watched the execution on TV. His sister helped him to tie a rope around his neck and to the ceiling fan on the roof.

15 year old Moon Moon from India became depressed after watching the Hussein execution; “She said they had hanged a patriot,” said Manmohan Karmakar from the town of Kharda. She told people around her that she wanted to feel the pain that Saddam felt during the hanging.

Where does the world stand when we can blame violence on video games and then witness this. Violence isnt fueled by mature films or games, it’s brought on by the presentation of actual death. It’s too easy to blame it on one thing, but I think this is evidence enough to prove that showing a public execution as entertainment will definetly effect the minds of some young viewers. 



January 6, 2007 - Posted by | News, Politics

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