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Freedom Writers (2007)


Overall Rating = 8.46/10
Type; Drama >>> Emotional Drama
Four out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Dramatic Level Meter

It’s really strange how a movie could be so moving and yet so juvenile at the same time. It wasnt as though this movie did a horrible job portraying the struggles of racial conflict and gang violence it just made its point in a very mild way. Hilary Swank is such an amazing actress and I couldnt think of another person who could have done half as good of a job as she did playing the teacher. The film is humourous and sensitive and it has all the needed aspects of a great film; awesome music, great storyline, perfect cast, universal themes and a positive ending. I had no idea when I first saw the trailers for this film that it had such a tight bond with the holocaust. They never showed that it was mainly that event that inspired the students in the end and I was really surprised. All together this film was definatley worth watching.



 The first time i heard of this movie it was when the true Erin Gruwell made an appearance on Oprah to talk about the Freedom Writers Diary and as soon as i found out the story was being made into a movie i knew it would be a movie that i would be able to sit down and not blink the whole time. This movie was so amazing. The stories of each and one of these kids was so intense and incredible that one point sitting in that movie theatre i had tears in my eyes. I believe that Erin Gruwell is a true hero, her determination and beliefs saved so many kids and helped so many of them to believe in themselves. This movie did a really good job of portraying this. I have not much to say about this movie because it was almost flawless. I loved it. It was amazing.




January 6, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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  1. I agree with R freedom writers was one of the best films i have ever seen and Hilary Swank was brilliant in the movie i hope all the lives of the people are fine and that people can learn a lot from this movie

    Comment by M | April 4, 2007 | Reply

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