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Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball, i think has been my all-time favourite actress all my life. I started watching the “I Love Lucy Show” when i was really young, she was always so funny, and she was absolutely stunningly beautiful. I have started collecting the DVD sets now, and i am also collecting “The Lucy Show” DVD sets.

Lucille dropped out of high school at the age of fifteen, moved to New York to study acting and found her first stage work as a chorus girl in 1927. She had her first break as a poster-girl for Chesterfield cigarettes and soon found herself in tinsel town as one of twelve slave-girls in the Eddie Cantor film, ROMAN SCANDALS (1933). By the mid-1930s, if you went to the movies (and in the 1930s everyone went to the movies) you would be certain to see Lucille Ball. Sometimes a nurse or a dancer, sometimes a flower clerk or a college girl, but always there. By the end of the decade she had been in forty-three films and was known as “Queen of the B Movies.” 

 Lucille’s first television program, I love Lucy, aired Obctober 15, 1951 and for the next 25 years Lucille Ball was said to have virtually ruled the airwaves. She was an amazing comedian of her time with the ability to make people laugh through her elastic expressions and her very memorable as well as recognizable voice. Lucille was a five-time Emmy award winner, the first woman inducted into the Televison Academy’s Hall of Fame, a winner of a Genii Award and a Kennedy Center Honor. I believe Lucille Ball was the most beloved of all television stars of her time and definately the most memorable.

After many successful years on television, the pressures of the industry and public life became too much and Arnaz and Ball canceled the show and were divorced. Soon Ball became president of Desilu and within a short while returned to television. Deciding to stick with her well-loved character she developed a new series called THE LUCY SHOW in which she worked with former I LOVE LUCY co-star Vivian Vance. Though never to reach the heights of I LOVE LUCY, THE LUCY SHOW (and later HERE’S LUCY) ran for a combined twelve years with a great deal of success. Ball had found the key to television– she had made a character Americans could not live without.

All in All….

 – R


January 7, 2007 - Posted by | Television

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  1. I thought that the “I love Lucy show” was a good show to watch.


    Comment by Gabriel | January 14, 2007 | Reply

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