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The Pelican Brief (1993)



Overall Rating = 1.17/10
Type; Action >>> Crime Action
Zero out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews ThrillO-Meter

This is such a horrible movie, I never want to see it again. I though with big names such as Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington that it would be a movie worth seeing, but it really isn’t. Its has the flatest most boring plot i’ve ever watched, it doesnt get into any serious scenes. It starts off confusing and ends the same way because you never get to learn anything. You know from the the begining that its about an assassign, and there isnt any twists or anything else entertaining. Theres a horrible chase scene and a close to romantic scene between Roberts and Washington- that doesnt follow through. Theres a feeling right from the begining of the film that they are in love, but that- as well as every other aspect of the film – never follows through. It feels like you’ve started a film half way through, missed the begining, and end it early before anything interesting starts.



This  movie was way, way, WAY worse than that cheech and chong movie i said was the worst movie ever. Yeah it was an older film but seriously, movies have come a long way since this one was made. It was choppy, it was boring, its storyline was the hardest thing to follow…and not int he way that people like either. The most facinating parts in this film was when the actually started to figure out the mystery-ness behind the pelican brief thing, throughout the whole movie i could have sworn that Denzel was a cop..but half way through the movie i figured out he was a reporter…now you see what i mean by terrible movie. Its hard to believe that a film with Denzel Washington and Juila Roberts could be so horrible.




January 13, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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