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The Evil Dead


Overall Rating = 7.63

The thing about this film that makes it so good is all the obvious continuity mistakes. All you can do while watching this film is laugh. I’ve seen it so many times and I just can get enough of it. It just the most simple story with absolutely horrible special effects and its amazing. Its the perfect kind of movie to watch with a group of people, it really wont seem as awesome if you watch it alone. You just can’t help but love it cause it the type of film we’d all make with our friends. There isnt anything about this film that needs to be changed; the sound, acting, make-up, it all makes the film what it is. It just shows that B movies; or even C movies can be equally as entertaining as large budget films



This was the best worst movie i have ever seen. The fact that it is an obvious movie makes it soooo hilarious. I watched this movie in awe the whole time imagining how they could have become so well known. The acting was terrible, the forest that was supposed to be extremely spooky had this weird foggy, smoke stuff….and im sure we used that at our school dance before. They used halloween fake doll things for after the people became possessed. This movie was insanely. It was funny, and quite entertaining. I recommend watching this to anyone who can handle lower rated films that are horribly made but so ridiculous you cant take your eye off of it.
Also no worries about being grossed out throughout this movie because its soo clear that they actually used ketchup….




January 18, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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  1. When i was a 7 or 8 year old…Evil dead was released in India, back then there were all kind of rumors at my school about the movie…it was said some one died watching the movie alone in a theater…and i also heard there was some kind of challenge by the film makers….something like the one who watches the movie alone,gets a huge amount of money…he he….strange are the ways,specially when your a kid….

    Thanks for it,this blog reminded of the things that happened 14 years back… 🙂

    Comment by mannar | January 31, 2007 | Reply

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