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Primeval (2007)



Overall Rating = 4.21/10
Type; Action >>> Suspense Action
One out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews ThrillO-Meter

 We were on our way to see Babel at the theatre and got there early so we desided to see an earlier flick, which turned out to be Primeval. Although we were hoping that it was going to be a rewarding spontaneous move, but unfortunately we were let down. I initially had no idea what this film was about and when we saw the poster at the theatre and read the quote we thought it was going to be some kinda serial murder thriller. We almost though we were in the wrong film when we got in there because it wasnt that kind of film at all it was about a group of people hunting a 9 meter long aligator in Africa. Now ill admit that this story does have potential… but it didnt turn out the way I imagined it.  First of all the aligator looked more like a dog in most parts of the movie, the acting wasn’t phenominal, and the story lacked a purpose. All it really gave you in the way of history is that the aligator had eaten one mans wife, which really isnt that helpful. What it does give is a mild look into the violence used in Africa to control areas of the country, but there are many better films you can watch to see this information rather than this piece. It is based on a true story though which is terrifying.




Please dont be fooled by this movie’s poster! The poster for this movie is what made us want to see it. It said something about the true story of an all time serial killer. Sound Intereting?…It wasnt. It was one of those stupid films about crocodiles, and a huge one eating people. Sound like..Like Placid?…or how about Anaconda? the only difference with that film is that it was about a snake, and a huge one once again. I hated it and it wasnt worth the time to see dont.



January 20, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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