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You, Me & Dupree (2006)


Overall Rating = 6.42/10
Type; Comedy
Two out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews LaughO-Meter

This is just a common romance humour type movie. I love Matt Dillion and Kate Hudson, and although Owen Wilson usually bugs me, it wasnt too bad  in this film. The story of a best friend coming inbetween a marriage and then putting it back together. Its a fun movie, but its isnt that great. It’s not the type of movie that you’d want to buy and watch over and over again but it’s definatley worth watching once just so that you know what people are talking about when the quote the film. It was really basic and it wasnt anything extraordinary, although you can’t really expect anything different with a cast like this. Michael Douglas was annoying and looked really bad, even though I usually don’t mind his acting, he ruined some parts of the movie for me. If you’ve seen any movie with a small amount of humour and some romance mixed with an average cast of actors- you’ve probably seen this one too.



This movie my friends was a typical Kate Hudson romantic/comedy. I like it the first time i watched it, and that was the only time ive seen it, and im probably going to keep it that way. Its a movie kind of like Raising Helen (if any of you  have seen that), except this time Kate Hudson starts off getting married and ends up having to take care of Dupree, and in Raising Helen she has to take care of her neices and nephew…sooo the movie was kinda meh, but good. Much to similiar to other movies she has done. But i still love her and think shes goregous!….and wow, did anyone ever think that Matt Dillon would star in this kind of film???




January 21, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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