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Stephen King’s “The Running Man”

This novel along with four others Stephen King wrote as Richard Bachman. Im not sure why he chose to write these novels by a different name, but it does add a little interest. I read “The Running Man” a year or two ago but I desided to read it again. I remembered enjoying it the first time that I read it, it has a futuristic feeling to it.
The novel is set in 2025 and everything is in chaos. It seems almost a little like 1984 but not nearly as intellectual. It has the same concept of “big brother” governemnt, and the always watching police. Instead of having screens that watch you as in 1984, it has Free Vee’s which present game shows to the public. In these game shows people are payed to do ridiculous things where they either end up severely hurt or dead. It has the same fell as some of the other Bachman books. King does an excellent job setting this story up for a movie because the entire time you’re reading it you can tell that it’s meant to be a film. I havent yet seen the movie featuring Arnold Schwarzeneggar as Benjamin Richards, and Im not sure if Im ever going to want to.
Throughout the first bit of the book you get to know Richards family and his life and you learn that he has a wife and a sick infant daughter. He needs to find money so she can get a doctor and the medicine that she needs to survive. He leads himself to the Games Building where he is given the role of a contestant in “The Running Man”. This is the most dangerous game; he is set free to go where he chooses, but he is being chased by the “hunters”. Not only are the police after him, so is the rest of the world. The public is offered $1000 if they help to kill him. His wife and daughter get $100 for every hour that he stays alive for- and $1,000,000,000 if he stays alive for 30 days; But the longest record is 8 days.
King uses humour and intelect to make you almost fall in love with Richards as you follow him through immense pain and suffering. He wastes no time in the begining of this novel, you get into the story right from the start, although it only really starts to pick up around the middle.
Richards goes from New York to Boston within days and is soon making news when he burns down the YMCA in Boston.
It’s an incredibly entertaining novel, and it’s my personal favorite out of all the Stephen King novels i’ve read. Although it definitley isn’t an amazing peice of literature.  Im not going to give away the ending because that would just be rude, but I am going to say that the final chapters of the book are the most fun to read.
During the final pages of the novel – King uses perfect vocabulary with image rising connotations that almost take over your entire body with pain. He goes into disgusting detail about the injured state of Ben Richards with great sequence.
All in all the book is something special to read – although it isn’t my favorite book it’s one that i’ve read twice but probably wont want to read again.



January 24, 2007 - Posted by | Books

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