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The Hitcher



Overall Rating = 6.55/10

This is a weird movie- It has two different conclusions in my mind;
1. It’s a good scary horror movie- it has awesome effects and a crazy story that keeps you on your seat right until the last couple seconds. It’s one of those films that’s so much scarier at the theatre with surround sound, as well as the sounds of other people around you freaking out, but it wouldnt be nearly as scary in your livingroom- unless you were alone. I havent seen a movie recently that uses the same ideas as this one- with the killer seeming to set up the victims to be blamed for his murders. It really makes you notice all the shit that you could get into if you trust a stranger. It has great acting as well.
2. It’s cheesey as hell with no plot and no meaning. There was nothing behind the story and no structure at all. If your looking for a film that makes you think at all this isnt one to see because its really straight forward and would be incredibly boring if it wasnt so scary. It has the same feel that the Chainsaw Massacre has where you notice that no matter where the victims run there only going to another messed up red-neck place. It also has a quality that most pointless horror movies same in common- no reasoning behind the killing. It’s just there to scare you. Among some movies that Ive seen with actual storys would be the Saw movies I, II & III – which keep the same explanation. This film almost got to a point where you could think that maybe the killer wasn’t happy with his life and wanted to die, but after ruining that idea it still didnt have anything to follow. This kind of criminal thinking isnt only fiction though, for some fucked up people unjustified killing is normal- but then; what murder can be justified? Another reason that this film is corny is the ending; which almost has like a B movie feeling to it, where you think that theres going to be a horrible twist at the end and the vicitim is going to be plotting with the killer- and then thankfully it doesnt turn out like that. Instead theres a romantic personal end scene…??  Something I didnt know as well until now is that its a remake of a 1986 film by the same name – just another one in the last year. There has been a lot of those lately- maybe I should start watching the orginals- they might have better story’s. It’s sad when almost every new horror movie is just a remake- where’s all the originality and imagination? It’s really a random un-planned film.



Of all the horror adn suspense films I have seen throughout my whole life, this one made me jump the most, and usually im never scared while watching movies. Although this movie was extremely silly, and had completely no plot at all, i still really liked it. It started out with two young college-love birds on a road trip, and then while they’re driving….the guy turns to the girl and they pause for a “cutesy” moment, the guy turns back and BAM! Its the scary guy!!! AHHH!!! who didnt see that coming? especially with the music leading up to it…The freaky thing about this movie was the random hitch-hiking killer guy. HE was just so weird….i think it was something about his eyes. haha. Also, surprisingly Sophia Bush did really well in this movie except for at the end when she and the guy that killed her boyfriend (HELLOO!!) had this un-said, and completely unnecessary intense love scene thing. I mean no they didnt have sex, but they just looked so intensely into each others eyes and seemed like wow, they just fell in love with each other…and then…she shoots him in the head. The End. Movies Over.




January 24, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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