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“So you think you can dance” – WINNER!

I watched the finale of this show tonight so i was able to post who the winner was. Well the winner was Benji..the most flamboyant guy in the show. The one that clearly Celine Dion would love to have dancing to the beat of her heart or whatever her songs are called. This show thinks that they’re being so different from all the other ridiculous shows that are on the air right now…eg: American Idol, Ice-T Rap school….they’re all meaningless shows. Lets take Ruuubannnn Stuuuudddarrrdddd for example too, he WON that season of american idol…..but hey! Has anybody heard any new songs from the big teddy bear lately, or in the past two years atleast? i dont think so..instead Clay Aiken  took all the albums and sold millions. Now is that going to happen with Benji? whose to know, maybe Celine Dion one day will get fed up with him, start screaming french profanities at him and pick up the next person. She probably recorded congratulation tapes for all four of those final contestants, had no clue who was going to win, because she doesnt really care. If she did, she would take the time off to be at the show to see who the next back up dancer was. Whoo hooo “So you think you can dance!” Its the best show ever!! *VOMIT*….

Benji…..The “Winner” aka….Celine Dions new bitch!..or the ugly guy with all the talent…another Clay Aiken?

Isnt he a catch!

Travis….The Runner Up..aka. “The Hot Guy”

Third Place – Donyelle..aka…”The Hot African American Girl”

Fourth Place – Heidi…aka…”The Annoying, Hot White Girl”

So, as you can see the show made sure they have all the types of people they could as the final contestants…which in the end would result in no controversy over whether the show is biast blah blah…


January 28, 2007 - Posted by | Gossip

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  1. i loveeeeeeeeee you are the best one

    Comment by nassima | June 13, 2007 | Reply

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