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Mean Girls (2004)


Overall Rating = 3.94
Type; Children

One out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews KidO-Meter

Just another one of those misunderstood teen click chick flick. It had its moments when you could feel that it was trying really hard to be clever, just it fell short of a spectacular movie. One reason why this film was worth watching; Rachel McAdams. All you need to do is watch The Notebook and you’r view on Rachel McAdams wont stay stuck on her plastic days. Although the concept was something that many teenage girls need to see to feel that they’re not alone; its much more helpful to go out and rent She’s All That if you need a dose of teen drama.
This film uses so many different images to make you think that its against discrimination and teenage use of self-demoting and derogitory language but at the same time it pushes the only comedy on those situations to make them seem more entertaining than rude or harmful.



When this movie first came out i will admit, i LOVED it….But now after seeing it around 15 times i realize its really not that good. Its a lame story…that is incredibly racist in some parts and degrading in others. I agree with the fact that Rachel McAdams is the only good thing about this movie. I think that Lindsay Lohan actually became plastic in real life after this movie…making everything she was trying to teach kids while acting in this film completely untrue in everyway.




February 4, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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