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Anna Nicole Smith – “Like my Boooodyyy?”

I have recently noticed another one of those lovely, eye catching commercials by Anna Nicole Smith. After asking every one if they “Likkeeedd [herr] Bodddyy??” at the infamous award show a few years ago…she is now clearly known as the Trim Spa Slut. I watched the clip of her again at the award show, and still i cannot figure out what it is with these women getting high before the award show, i mean she is clearly not the only one who has done it….Macy Gray Drunk….Fergie on Crack…Courtney Love falling all over the place. But what makes these people think that if they stumble on stage and try and slurrrrr out the words everythings going to go unnoticed. Well not this time Anna Nicole!! You cant get away from being extremely critisized this time. We’ll start off with the award show night…

You went on stage…you were completely screwed out of your face. You were so far gone you were crossed eyed. You tried to give praise to a person whom im pretty sure you almost forgot the name of. And then you finished off your very creative performance with clapping over top of your head WHILE eye-balling your own boobs. Nicely done Anna. We know you have big tits, and most people like them and now all those people know you often check them out yourself…

Next in line is one of the Trim Spa commercials Anna Nicole has done….

First of all…they made it look like she could actually surf, but dont be fooled…she’s lying on her stomach for a reason, and how wet she looks…is probably giving away shes not really capable of it. Next..shes driving in a red viper…trying to look “hot”when really all shes doing is giving her extremely creepy smile: Like Below…its not the creepiest but its weird.

A smile in which, makes her look constipated. Then shes throwing the money she used to pay for her LIPOSUCTION(trim spa, yeah right)…out of the car for whatever reason and then she goes off and is just herself. Crazy, freaky lady who people now think is protecting a man who is being questioned in the death of her son Daniel. one word…Weirdo…


February 5, 2007 - Posted by | Gossip

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