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The False Dilemma

Isn’t it easy to just walk through life following everything you hear/see? Wouldnt it be more simple to listen to everything your told and never question anything, than actually search beyond mass media, and the common bullshit that your fed each day.


When you hear about the war in Iraq you’re most often given the choice of either sympathizing with Iraq or the United States. Thats called a false dilemma, “ya either love it or ya leave it”. This fallacie is used by most polititians to keep your mind off of the truth. But you’re missing the middle of the entire issue. When i question different areas of political importance im commonly accused of sympathizing with the “enemy”, when infact I’m only finding my own answers while understanding and evaluating situations. What has media ever done thats earned societies trust, same with the government – why should I beleive what they tell me? Let’s be aware


February 5, 2007 - Posted by | Politics

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