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The Notebook (2004)


Overall Rating = 9.04/10
Type; Drama >>> Romantic Drama
Three out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Dramatic Level Meter

This is my #1 favorite mushy movie. I will never get enough of this movie. Rachel McAdams is incredible! Just the story makes up for the errors in the film, every once in a while you can see a mess up with the time scale. Sometimes the movie tends to drift away from the time set that it’s supposed to be in.
It’s the most heart wrenching, perfectly esembled story in the world. There really isnt much to say about this film other than its cute, romantic and sexy. Watch it for yourself


Ive seen this movie so many times and still if i wasnt around anyone, it would make me cry so hard! It so sad, and so mushy and so….everything a girlie girl could ask in a movie depicted love story! Its got a good lookin guy, and H-O-T girl and a cute little old couple. Best Movie Ever. Honestly. If you havent watched i suggest you do so. If i were married for like a million years and my partner kept fighting for me even after i lost my memory and had no clue who they were. wow…..thats something alright.




February 14, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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