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Man of the House (1995)



Overall Rating = 6.86/10 
Type; Children

Three out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews KidO-Meter

Alright so I know that most people searching for reviews of a movie by this name is goingto be looking for the more recent film by the same name with all the cheerleaders and crap, but no, this is the on 1995 film with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Chevy Chase. Its just such an awesome movie. I watched it on TV tonight and it brought back so many memories. This was one of my favorite films as a young teen. Not only was it in my good books just cause it has JTT in it :P, but its such a cute film. It tries really hard to bring forward the issues of step-parenting, and what a full time job it is. 
Although, it does have its bad points, for example the negative views towards the Native culture, personally I didnt enjoy that. Now, I know that after watching the film you see that they were infact trying to promote the First Nations lifestyle, but I still found it rude and unnecessary.
This film was still a lot of fun to watch as a kid before you understood the importance of any cultural aspect presented in media. Its just a good old Walt Disney film!




I cant really explain how much i actually loved this movie as a kid, i mean yes i was one of those little girls who loved Johnathan Taylor Thomas, however; i did quickly grow out of it. It was a really good movie for that time, the 90’s, and it was a really good..simply made walt disney movie that all kids under the ages of 13 loved. I think i would rate it the same way i would today’s kids movies like..Cheaper By The Dozen and Shrek. They’re just good kids movies.




February 17, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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