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40 Days & 40 Nights (2002)


Overall Rating = 2.67/10
Type; Comedy
Two out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews LaughO-Meter

Shanynn Sossamon is just such an amazing actress that it’s almost sad to watch her waste her talent on a movie like this. There is no point to this film, although a couple parts are a small bit funny – the rest of it is really just boring.
There is no sub-plots or special focus at all – they entire story is about a man who has a lot of sex and uses Lent (going without for 40 days) to rid himself of his sexual problems. While going through this process he falls in love – thats it.
Like there isnt already enough lame-ass hollywood comedies about sex.



This was a stupid movie. one part in this movie made me laugh…and not even really was more like a “hmph”….it was lame, it was dry. It was worthy of being called..*VOMIT* I dont know who the hell thought it would be a funny story to tell….oh about a man who gives up sex for 40 days and 39 1/2 nights (in theory)…about how he starts to see all the women he encounters naked. Whoopppdeee freakin dooooo….stupid stupid movie.




February 24, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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