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The Legend of ZELDA – the Wind Waker

This game is awesome. The first part that I got stuck on was the Forsaken Fortress – I just couldnt find my way to the top. I searched for a walkthrough that would give good directions and I found one that actually ended up helping me through the whole game. Check it out if you need help, its awesome.
This game finds the perfect balance between being challenging and being addictive. It isnt so hard that you get frustrated and quit playing, buts its difficult enough that it keeps you wanting to know more. Its just an amazing game. There are so many different aspects to this game that it seems almost neverending. The side missions are every where, and the open sea is perfect for exploring and looking at everything.
The characters are cute, and that levels are perfectly put together. There is a continuous abundance of things to learn in this game, flying, grappling, collecting, trading, fighting, sailing and the list goes on and on. I totally reccomend this game!

If you have this game and are stuck on any part of it, and you can’t find your answer on and FAQs, leave a comment. Ill try my best to help you out.


February 25, 2007 - Posted by | GameCube Games, Gaming

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