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Triple Pitch for Britney

So I was on a road trip recently and I found myself thinking of ways that Britney Spears could use her insanity to her advantage and I came up with a few ideas for reality shows that would work perfectly for her. I mean – I’d watch any one of these…..

My Big Fat Bald Life –
This would be the best way to for us common people to get a good look at Britney’s life. What would be better than having a camera follow Ms. Spears through her life – showing exactly how annoying the paparazzi can be – how difficult parenthood is – and how crazy Britney really parties every night.

Who gets my kids now-
A behind the scenes look at the custody battle that Britney’s up against. We’ll all see exactly how much money Britney pays K-fed in child support!

The New Mr.Spears-
We’ve all seen the Bachelor, Flavour of Love etc…. well what about if Britney did a show where 10 or 20 men/women all fought to be her next lover.

I’d watch any of these and I bet im not the only one – so Brit, if you use this – show me some love alright?


March 16, 2007 - Posted by | Interesting, Media

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