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Fannie Weinstein & Melinda Wilson’s The Coed Call Girl Murder

This was a sick, twisted story about a young girl, Tina Biggar, age 23, who was orginally doing a psych project for univeristy. She was originally just supposed to interview women who had been prostitutes or in the escort business…(which i believe is the exact same thing, they just try to tell people theyre not having sex with the men/women they are hooked up with). But this project that her school was iffy about to begin with…turned into Tina herself getting mixed up in things she could have saved herself from. She lied to her friends, her family, her school mates, and her boyfriend…about where she was, where she was going, where she was getting these mysterious amounts of money. She went from a sweet, quiet, family girl to a obnoxious, un-caring soul.  She pushed away all those who cared about her, and sought revenge on Todd who made the mistake of cheating on her one she took it upon herself to galavant around town with other men while she was with Todd. This is not to say she deserved what happened to her by any means. Once she fell into the escort service herself she learned the hard way about the pshyco maniacs who fall for these escort girls. Ken was a lonely, troubled man and set himself up to be caught. He was a compulsive liar and man who still this day believes he was wrongfully charged with Tina Biggars murder. He tried to tell everyone that he pushed her but that was only because they were playing a game…and that it was the fall that killed her. But her family as well as detectives didnt lose hope and they kept searching for her until they stumbled across her decomposed body 4 weeks later…with almost nothing left of her body, the search had come to an end and the family could finally put there young daughter to rest…The authors of this book did an amazing job depicting how these unfortuante series of events lead up to the finding of Tina Biggar’s body.  I would defintaly recommend this book to all those true-crime lovers out there….it was gruesome at times but it was well worth the reading i did, it only took me two days to finish this book…thats how intense it was.



March 23, 2007 - Posted by | Books

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