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Resident Evil 4

I’m only on Chapter 3….. I don’t even know how many chapters there is in this game. Theres two discs… and I have a feeling Im not even close to completeing the first one yet.
It’s a very challenging game – with an awesome storyline. The effects and graphics are extremely entertaining to watch. It’s rated M for Mature – and I wouldn’t have guessed it would have been any other way. It frightens most people who play it. Although I’ve never really been a huge fan of the violence in games – same with Grand Theft Auto games – It’s the missions and storyline that grabs me each time. I love following games.
I think Im going to be working on this game for a while. If you need help on this one Im probably not the best person to ask… but Ill try my best (email: woodchuckcarbonkid at gmail dot com) I’m sure there are some really well put together FAQs and Walkthroughs for this game – probably even some cheats that would make it easier – but I havent even tried that, Ive been ploughin my way through it with strategie and hard work

UPDATE (April 22/07):
I’ve now completed the first round of this game. This is the first game Ive ever played thats like this. Once you beat the game – you go through it again on a second round, keeping the good weapons and everything, its actually really neat. Right now Im on the Second chapter on the Second round. Its a really entertaining game , and its easy to get hooked on it.
Another neat thing that I realized about this game after beating the first round is that a couple side games open up. There is “The Mercenaries”, and “Assignment Ada” – Although they are challenging they are both a lot of fun to play.




April 7, 2007 - Posted by | GameCube Games, Gaming

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