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Turistas (2006)


Overall Rating = 4.25/10
Type; Horror

One out of Seven on the Chelsea’s Reviews Scaro-Meter

The Story;

A group of people, some who knew eachother previously, others who just met all suffer a car accident in a bus together in Brazil on vacation. The get to know eachother well when they all get druged and robbed. After that they try to find there way out of the country without money or passports – on there way they run into a guy who says that he’ll help them.
They deside that the smartest thing that they could do is put there trust into this one man, they follow him to his uncles house in the middle of the jungle.

They ended up with a crazy man who surgically removes kidneys and other organs and sells them….

The rest of the story is them trying to get away from him and his people.

The Reviews;

Just like all the other pampered horror films based on young hot tourists travelling to other countries, having sex and ending with an expectedly high number of murders. It was really plain and boring, the only special thing about it was the landscape. The beautiful beaches and awesome underwater caves counter argued and beat out (in my opinion) the risk of travelling there. One thing about this film that was a little different from most others was the fact that the “big boss” did most of his dirty work himself, in most horror films theres only three common scenarios;
1. There’s a group of people lead by one main character, who’s in charge of everything – but always makes others do his work for him.
2. Solo – killer who never does anything with another person. Usually enjoys solitude and torturing his victims. In my opinion the creepiest of all.
3. And a large group of people with no boss at all – who are all just as stupid and life-less and eachother.
In my opinion this movie probably couldnt have been any better than it was cause the storyline was so flat.
One thing that really annoyed me about this movie was that it seemed like they were trying to make a point about how hard it is to get donations  for organ transplants in most countries – but Im sure if you look into it the organs that they used in the filming of this movie were probably real ones. Practice what you preach, I mean unless the makers of this film don’t have any really issue with the problem, in which case – why make a film about it?

I greatly disliked this movie, it was just like B said, it was exactly like every other travelling movie. There were young people, obviously a pair that was related…almost like house of wax. There was nudity, there was blood, and guts. Not making for a very nice mixture..This film was one that was not even close to being worth watching at all…All in all, i hated this movie.



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