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Fannie Weinstein & Melinda Wilson’s The Coed Call Girl Murder

This was a sick, twisted story about a young girl, Tina Biggar, age 23, who was orginally doing a psych project for univeristy. She was originally just supposed to interview women who had been prostitutes or in the escort business…(which i believe is the exact same thing, they just try to tell people theyre not having sex with the men/women they are hooked up with). But this project that her school was iffy about to begin with…turned into Tina herself getting mixed up in things she could have saved herself from. She lied to her friends, her family, her school mates, and her boyfriend…about where she was, where she was going, where she was getting these mysterious amounts of money. She went from a sweet, quiet, family girl to a obnoxious, un-caring soul.  She pushed away all those who cared about her, and sought revenge on Todd who made the mistake of cheating on her one she took it upon herself to galavant around town with other men while she was with Todd. This is not to say she deserved what happened to her by any means. Once she fell into the escort service herself she learned the hard way about the pshyco maniacs who fall for these escort girls. Ken was a lonely, troubled man and set himself up to be caught. He was a compulsive liar and man who still this day believes he was wrongfully charged with Tina Biggars murder. He tried to tell everyone that he pushed her but that was only because they were playing a game…and that it was the fall that killed her. But her family as well as detectives didnt lose hope and they kept searching for her until they stumbled across her decomposed body 4 weeks later…with almost nothing left of her body, the search had come to an end and the family could finally put there young daughter to rest…The authors of this book did an amazing job depicting how these unfortuante series of events lead up to the finding of Tina Biggar’s body.  I would defintaly recommend this book to all those true-crime lovers out there….it was gruesome at times but it was well worth the reading i did, it only took me two days to finish this book…thats how intense it was.



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Honeymoon – James Patterson

Although i like the James Patterson novels, this one dissapointed me a little bit. At the beginning of the book when he first introduced Nora Sinclair…i was intrigued…but as i got a few more chapters into the book i realized that i could predict what was going to happen throughout the entire novel. I knew that Nora Sinclair was the murderer the whole time, and i knew that the “insurance” guy was really a private investigator. I also could predict that they were going to fall for each other and then the cop guy was going to be in the huge predicament because he had a wife and kids. Blah blah blah right?…yup. This book was good, but ive definately read better by Mr.Patterson.

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Jessica Davis Stein’s – “Coyote Dream”

I went through such different phases while reading this book. First off – when I saw it in the book store I thought that it sounded really neat. I started reading it and for the first couple chapters I wasnt sure if it was the right book for me to be reading , and then after a while I got really into it. By the time I was reading Part 3 of the book I was totally enthralled.
It just has this is feeling about it that makes you want to learn more about the characters, there lives, and the relationships between them.

Its the story of a woman who thought that her love life was over, and after taking a trip her mind was opened to a whole new world.
It’s terribly sad – and perfectly fun.

If you love animals like I do, and can admitt that sometimes you just need a good love story – then check out this book, im sure you’ll be pleasently surprised.

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Stephen King’s “The Running Man”

This novel along with four others Stephen King wrote as Richard Bachman. Im not sure why he chose to write these novels by a different name, but it does add a little interest. I read “The Running Man” a year or two ago but I desided to read it again. I remembered enjoying it the first time that I read it, it has a futuristic feeling to it.
The novel is set in 2025 and everything is in chaos. It seems almost a little like 1984 but not nearly as intellectual. It has the same concept of “big brother” governemnt, and the always watching police. Instead of having screens that watch you as in 1984, it has Free Vee’s which present game shows to the public. In these game shows people are payed to do ridiculous things where they either end up severely hurt or dead. It has the same fell as some of the other Bachman books. King does an excellent job setting this story up for a movie because the entire time you’re reading it you can tell that it’s meant to be a film. I havent yet seen the movie featuring Arnold Schwarzeneggar as Benjamin Richards, and Im not sure if Im ever going to want to.
Throughout the first bit of the book you get to know Richards family and his life and you learn that he has a wife and a sick infant daughter. He needs to find money so she can get a doctor and the medicine that she needs to survive. He leads himself to the Games Building where he is given the role of a contestant in “The Running Man”. This is the most dangerous game; he is set free to go where he chooses, but he is being chased by the “hunters”. Not only are the police after him, so is the rest of the world. The public is offered $1000 if they help to kill him. His wife and daughter get $100 for every hour that he stays alive for- and $1,000,000,000 if he stays alive for 30 days; But the longest record is 8 days.
King uses humour and intelect to make you almost fall in love with Richards as you follow him through immense pain and suffering. He wastes no time in the begining of this novel, you get into the story right from the start, although it only really starts to pick up around the middle.
Richards goes from New York to Boston within days and is soon making news when he burns down the YMCA in Boston.
It’s an incredibly entertaining novel, and it’s my personal favorite out of all the Stephen King novels i’ve read. Although it definitley isn’t an amazing peice of literature.  Im not going to give away the ending because that would just be rude, but I am going to say that the final chapters of the book are the most fun to read.
During the final pages of the novel – King uses perfect vocabulary with image rising connotations that almost take over your entire body with pain. He goes into disgusting detail about the injured state of Ben Richards with great sequence.
All in all the book is something special to read – although it isn’t my favorite book it’s one that i’ve read twice but probably wont want to read again.


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Kathryn Casey’s “She wanted it All”

Im really into true crime stories, and i picked this one up when i was out of town, and i had it read in about 3 days. It was really interesting actually, I read the story of Celeste Beard, a woman who manipulated her way out of everything until finally one day she manipulated everything to the point where she ended up manipulating herself. She had been slowly poisoning her rich, elder husband and only her and her lesbian lover as well as her two daughters new about it. But they would never say anything because they lived in fear of their mother and Tracey Tarlton never said anything because she loved Celeste and didnt ever want to do anything that would hurt her.  Celeste seemed to have lived a very rich lifestyle, but still it seemed as though nothing was ever good enough for her. Her husband gave her everything and still she went out on a extravagant outings spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on nothing.  She would disappear for days going out spending money, sleeping with other men and what have you. One of the most intriguing parts about Celeste is that she was beautiful. Looking at the pictures of her that were included in the book one would never have guessed that such a beautiful could have such a cold heart. You would never guess she was such a coward and had to manipulate her lesiban lover, Tracey, to do the dirty work for her. After paying her beauty salon receptionist, who was supposed to be finding someone to commit the murder of her husband,  thousands of dollars that never worked out. Her beauty salon receptionist simply kept asking for more and more money and then i believed she even testified againt Celeste in the end. In the end though Tracey did the job that Celeste told her to do, and the only reason Tracey said she did it was because Celeste threatened to  kill herself because if Tracey didnt murder her husband then she would die. So Tracey took her rifle and shot Steve in the stomach. However, Steve did not die…sadly he was forced to hold together all of his internal parts and dial 911 himself. Steve did not pass until much later on throughout the book, and just when Celeste everything was going to be fine she didnt get the money she wanted, Tracey was facing murder charges, and in the end she was charged with the murder. This book was definately one i enjoyed reading…it was a well written story of these poor peoples lives.

– R

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Michael Blake’s “Dances with Wolves”

This was the first novel by Michael Blake that I have read but it is definitely not going to be my last. Up until the time that I finished this novel and fell in love with the concept of Blakes writing I had no idea that there was a sequel for “Dances with Wolves” titled “The Holy Road”. Im so excited to find this book and read it, and his autobiography as well titled ” Like a Running Dog (which also sounds amazing). I was completely fasinated with this novel and the entire story, Ive never read anything with such depth and honesty about the raid and slaughtering that went on in early North American history. 
The story itself holds so much meaning and emotion around relationships, from close friends to loved ones, and even to the extent of a relationship with an entire group. It had me close to tears yet smiling at the same time and the intense feelings were the best part of reading it. During my last semester at school I was in a Native Woman Studies class that brought me so much insight and powerful wisdom about struggles and fierce oppression than many of us females will never fully understand even with the pressures and patriarchal disfunction than we currently live in. Throughout this novel I was entrapped in the controversy and pulled into the settings. Blake used such extraordinary imagrey that I felt a part of the entire story. I am a little weary of watching the screne play produced from this novel but I think with time Im going to watch it just for a critic.

Lieutenant Dunbar was posted in an isolated run down village that was completely empty and decaying per his request for a postion of solitude. With his extra time and bordom he started a friendship with a wolf that followed his around and ate scraps of meat that he threw, he called him Two Socks. One of the immediate relationships that you meet in this novel is the close ties that Dunbar has with his horse. Along with that you soon run into the friendship that he starts with Two Socks. Right from the begining you are given information about Dunbar and the many accomplishments that he has mad unselfishly but in a very materialistic way and I could tell just from knowing ahead of time what the novel was about that he was obviouly going to find some moral guidance. He soons incounters the Comanche and they grow a special bond with each other. There is one among them who goes by the name Stands With A Fist and she came from White heritage. The leaders of the Comanchegroup soon discover that it would be to there benefit if they could get these two to learn to speak to eachother for common information. With time Stands With A Fist remembers to use her old tongue and Dunbar is taught to speak Comanche. They really start to trust Dunbar when they see him playing with Two Socks, that is when he get given the name Dances with Wolves.

Just a taste:

The following is my favorite chapter and the most intense passage. It is a dream that Dunbar has and must figure out the meaning of. The Second part of Chapter XXIII;

The trees were bare of leaves.
Patches of snow lay on the ground.
It was very cold.
A great circle of uncounted common soldiers waiting lifelessly, their rifles standing at their sides.

He went from one to another, staring into their frozen, blues faces, looking for signs of life. No one acknowledged him.

He found his father among them, the telltale doctor’s bag hanging from one hand like a natural extension of his body. He saw a boyhood chum who had drowned. He saw the man who owned a stable in his old town and who beat the horses when they got out of line. He saw General Grant, still as a sphinx, a soldier’s cap crowning his head. He saw a prostitute, her dead face smeared with rouge and powder. He saw his massively bosomed elementary-school teacher. He saw the sweet face of his mother, tears frozen to her cheeks.

This vast army of his life swam before his eyes as If it would never end.

There were guns, big, brass-colored cannons on wheels. Someone was coming up to the waiting circle of soldiers. It was Ten Bears. He walked smoothly in the brittle cold, like a tourist, he came face-to-face with one of the cannons. A coppery hand snaked out of the blanket, wanting to fell the barrel.

The big gun discharged and Ten Bears was gone in a cloud of smoke. The upper half of his body was somersaulting slowing in the dead winter sky. Like water from a hose, blood was pouring out of the place where his waist had been. His face was blank. His braids were floating lazily away from his ears.

Other guns went off, and like Ten Bears, the lodges of his village took flight. They gyrated through space like heavy paper cones, and when they cam back to earth, the tipis stuck into the iron-hard ground on their tips.

The army was faceless now. Like a herd of joyous bathers hustling to the seashore on a hot day, it swept down on the people who had been left uncovered beneath the lodges.

Babies and small children were flung aside first. They flew high into the air. The branches of the bare tress stabbed through their little bodies, and there the children squirmed, their blood running down the tree trunks as the army continued its work.

They opened the men and women as if they were Christmas presents: shooting into their heads and lifting off the skull tops; slitting bellies with bayonets, then parting the skin with impatient hands: severing limbs and shaking them out.

There was money inside every Indian. Silver poured from their limbs. Green backs spewed from their bellies. Gold sat in their skulls like candy in jars.

The great army was drawing away in wagons piled high with riches. Some of the soldiers were running next to the wagons, scooping the overflow off the ground.

Fighting broke out in the ranks of the army, and long after they had disappeared , the sound of their battling flashed on and off light lightning behind the mountains.

One soldier was left behind, walking sad and dazed through the field of corpses.

It was himself.

The hearts of the dismembered people were still beating, drumming out in unison a cadence that sounded like music. He slipped a hand under his tunic and watched it rise and fall with the beat of his own heart. He saw his breath freezing in front of his face. Soon he would be frozen, too.

He lay down among the corpses, and as he stretched out, a long, mournful sigh escaped his lips. Instead of fading, the sigh gained strength. It circled over the slaughtered ground, rushing faster and faster past his ears, moaning a message he could not understand.


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