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Madonna Parody Video

Other Parody Videos:  Beyonce – Ring the Alarm Parody


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Dane Cook BJ Video

I love this, Ive never really been a big Dane Cook fan, but this is brilliant. 

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Beyonce – Ring the Alarm Music Video Parody

Other Parody Videos – Madonna Parody Vid

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Vote for the Worst – American Idol

VFTW season 6

So, I only just heard about this – it’s really incredible. Look into it – it’s interesting. Personally I think they should have these pictures with every single contestant so our opinion can be displayed as well. Although I dont have an opinion becuase I haven’t watched the show – I think it would be a really neat concept to support whoever you think is the worst.

Comment and tell me who you think is the worst. Maybe I’ll search it and form my own opinion on which contestant is the worst!

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Lizzy the Lezzy

This is the first time that I’ve seen this, but I’ll definatley be looking for more information on it. It’s awesome – check it out;

Episodes 1-5


Episode 6


Episode 7

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