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Resident Evil 4

I’m only on Chapter 3….. I don’t even know how many chapters there is in this game. Theres two discs… and I have a feeling Im not even close to completeing the first one yet.
It’s a very challenging game – with an awesome storyline. The effects and graphics are extremely entertaining to watch. It’s rated M for Mature – and I wouldn’t have guessed it would have been any other way. It frightens most people who play it. Although I’ve never really been a huge fan of the violence in games – same with Grand Theft Auto games – It’s the missions and storyline that grabs me each time. I love following games.
I think Im going to be working on this game for a while. If you need help on this one Im probably not the best person to ask… but Ill try my best (email: woodchuckcarbonkid at gmail dot com) I’m sure there are some really well put together FAQs and Walkthroughs for this game – probably even some cheats that would make it easier – but I havent even tried that, Ive been ploughin my way through it with strategie and hard work

UPDATE (April 22/07):
I’ve now completed the first round of this game. This is the first game Ive ever played thats like this. Once you beat the game – you go through it again on a second round, keeping the good weapons and everything, its actually really neat. Right now Im on the Second chapter on the Second round. Its a really entertaining game , and its easy to get hooked on it.
Another neat thing that I realized about this game after beating the first round is that a couple side games open up. There is “The Mercenaries”, and “Assignment Ada” – Although they are challenging they are both a lot of fun to play.




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007 Night Fire

Nightfire is the kinda game that I found is better in a group – playing multiplayer rather than following the actually storyline and missions of the game. It’s a fun game to play multiplayer – especially with 4 or more people. The weapons are alright the levels are fine, none of the graphics or specialties in this game are exceptional – but its still interesting to play sometimes.
If you love playing this game multiplayer – and you want to try other just like it, i would recomend – for the old N64 – Perfect Dark.

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Animal Crossing

This is one of those games that you never really feel like you finished even if you put hundreds of hours into it theres always something else to do.
It’s a good game for when your really bored and you just want something silly to play. The basics of this game – is you are a little animal character that moves to a new town and you have to support yourself. You can sell old things, pick fruit, catch bugs, dig up fossils or fish to create an income. The town has a mayor, other animals, a store, a museum, as well as a post office and a police station.
It’s an interesting game – the concept is slow but there is neverending things to accomplish.  For instance; you must find a way to pay off your house – including many upgrades to make it bigger and you must fill up the museum with all of its needed items – its really neat.
If you run into any complications playing this game – Ive played it begining to end a couple times so just leave a comment or email me (contact information on the right sidebar) and ill get back to you with the most information that I can.

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The Legend of ZELDA – the Wind Waker

This game is awesome. The first part that I got stuck on was the Forsaken Fortress – I just couldnt find my way to the top. I searched for a walkthrough that would give good directions and I found one that actually ended up helping me through the whole game. Check it out if you need help, its awesome.
This game finds the perfect balance between being challenging and being addictive. It isnt so hard that you get frustrated and quit playing, buts its difficult enough that it keeps you wanting to know more. Its just an amazing game. There are so many different aspects to this game that it seems almost neverending. The side missions are every where, and the open sea is perfect for exploring and looking at everything.
The characters are cute, and that levels are perfectly put together. There is a continuous abundance of things to learn in this game, flying, grappling, collecting, trading, fighting, sailing and the list goes on and on. I totally reccomend this game!

If you have this game and are stuck on any part of it, and you can’t find your answer on and FAQs, leave a comment. Ill try my best to help you out.

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Mario Party 6

There isnt much to say about this game because its just like all the other Mario Party’s except it has more game boards and fun mini-games. The truth is that I love this game – even though its totally made for younger people – I’ve always loved board games. So i recomend this game whether your 5 or 55. Try it out. It has a one player mode as well as the original multi-player mode. And the most interesting part of this game is the mic that you can use in the mini -games. There are oral and vocal games to play, dont worry no singing – you have to use the mic to answer questions as well as instructing parts of the games. The game boards are more intricate and entertaining.

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Day of Reckoning 2

I havent gotten very far at all on this game – so until I make it a little further I wont have much to say. I beat the initial fight – and after that i won the fight against Y2J – then comes the barrier that controls my ability to move forward in this game. The tag team match. I have yet to accomplish beating this although I think for only playing this game a couple times Im doing alright. Ill figure it out – and when i get a little move towards the final parts of this game ill update this.
Anyone out there beat this game and have a little bit of advice for me – leave a comment.

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Donkey Konga 2

You have a couple ways you can go about aquiring this game, you either already own the bongo drum set, you buy the version of the game that supplies it, or you purchase it seperatly. Any way you do it, my recomendation is that you DO use the bongo drums when playing this game with a group or alone. It is possible to play with the original GameCube controller, but not only is it twice as hard, its also half as satisfying. So, the deal with this game is you have to follow the beat of the song that you select. The yellow marker being the left drum, Red being the right, Pink is both drums hit at the same time, and the blue star shape means your supposed to clap over the sencor inbetween the two drums. There are many ways to play this game; Battle is for playing multiplayer against eachother etc. but the only fun selection that I found off the main menu was the “Street Performance”. When you select this category, you have the option of Monkey, Chimp, or Gorilla…. Monkey is the easiest setting and Gorilla is the most difficult, there is also Beat-mix’s, which just change the beats that you play. You have to complete all categories with 100% to complete Street Performance. Currently we have completed all of the Monkey songs with gold DK’s (100%) and have moved on to the Chimp. In order to play the Gorilla songs, you have to beat that song on Monkey mode with 100%, then go to the shopping mall to purchase the Gorilla version under Jungle Jams. The number of bananas on the top of the song selections show the difficulty rating of the song, the more bananas the harder the song.
My personal opinion of this game is its rad! Its a lot of fun to play, and you cant really go wrong especially when you play with more than one person and pass around the drums. Its fun to watch other people, and it only gets more and more difficult. Just go out and buy it if you have some spare cash and want an entertaining game to play with friends, or a frustrating game to play alone.



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