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Tony Hawk’s Project 8

This is by far the BEST Tony Hawk game yet. It’s fun and entertaining, the graphics are amazing, it has amazing new features and the story is awesome. Although we have only played about 3 levels on the game and Im sure we’re only done like 10% of it, its extraordinary. First of all- you’re in a group of 200 people, and you have to get to the top 8 rankings to get into the Project 8. Currently we’re about #40, but we’re steadily moving up.
Awesome New Features:
– You no longer have to find the marker or person to begin a goal, you can start a goal off the pause menu by selecting the one that you want.
-Quick bail recovery. I know that you know what Im talking about – the older games would get so incredibly frustrating when you;re in the middle of a goal and you bail; you’re yelling at the guy to get up because he’s taking so long to drag his ass off the ground. Well in this one, there is a quick bail recovery where all you do is press Y when you bail and you’re immediatley on your board again.
– Close of custom tricking. During this game you can click in the sticks and custom your own ticks, all you need to do is jump in the air and then away you go. You use the left stick to control the left leg and right for right. You can do the usual heelflip, kickflip, impossible flip tricks or you can switch it up and make your own.
– Awesome new menu features that give you video previews of the goals and gaps, which we all know is extremely helpful.

This game is fun to play alone or in a group, and it has all the qualities that a skateboarding game should have. One downside; Im not sure if this is because we havent got far enough on the game, but so far there isnt a wide selection of clothes, accessories or new boards to choose from. You earn stokens by doing tricks and you can spend those, but there isnt a good selection. I’ll keep you posted though, let you know if something opens up further along.


We completed most of this game- i think. We made it to what we think is the final level – we also managed to get into the top 8 – we are actually in 2nd place. We have pretty much given up on this game though – its gotten to the point when the complication level exceeds the entertainment.

Towards the end of the game – 8/10


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Grand Theft Auto; Vice City

I only ever played this game a couple times earlier in my life, and then I played a lot of San Andreas before actually getting into this game so my review will probably compare Vice City to the awesome San Andreas lots, sorry. Starting off, this game is fun just becuase its a Grand Theft Auto game; it has a storyline and missions just like the others. One of the really good things about this game , in my opinion is the car handling. For some reason I really enjoyed driving around in this game, although the cars aren’t nearly as nice as the ones in San Andreas. Some things that I didnt really like about this game;
– It didnt have enough roaming room. There wasnt enough space around that you could just drive and explore, and one of my favorite parts about San Andreas was going cross country when you were being chased, which is completely impossible in this game.
– You can’t swim
– On the pause menu there is no option to zoom in which makes certain tasks really hard to find.
– The map has markers for missions that you dont have the option to play yet, you make your way to the mission marker and it tells you that you have to come back after you complete something else. My arguement for this one uses San Andreas as well, because in SA when a mission is unaviable the marker is unseen until it is, which makes it much more fun to follow the sotryline and watch missions open up.

The game is fun to play, but if you’re new to GTA games stick to the newer ones obviously, although it might be fun to complete all of them.


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Fifa Street 2

Awesome Tricks!!! So much fun to play…. but extremely frustrating. We’re only half way finished right now, so ill edit this when we’re done and post my opinion on the ending. Its a great game to play with a group, its an awesome multi-player game. The tricks are extreme and really easy to learn, unlike other games where its to complicated to try. It also did a phenomenal job with the 320 Pro Superstars featured. The “Rule the Street” 1 player section is fun to play, and its packed full of extras. Its isnt just a straight forward tournament or something boring, you have to upgrade your team, challenge old team mates, create a playing field, custom create a personal player. As well as all this is has an amazing soundtrack, and a custom mp3/radio feature where you can add and delete the songs you want to listen to while your playing one of the best Xbox Soccer games of its day. Added in with the Skill Challenges and the normal game mode this game makes the list of awesome sports games to add to your collection.



 I have been playing this game for about a half a month now and im almost at the point where i would rather throw the controller at the t.v screen than try to beat the level.  I think that I’m at about 63% done the game and trust me it is not getting any easier. It is a great game to play, it has awesome graphics and awesome everything. I highly recommend this game to people who like competitive sports and like to play against other people because it is excellent for that. Althought B and I throw some awful words at one another when we play that game its still awesome.



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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

10 outta 10! I love this game! Everything about it. It took us at least a month to complete it, and still we are at 99.47% completion. There is nearly endless missions, and the map is waaay bigger than the old GTA games. The cars are awesome, the driving could be better, but the speed is great. I thought the storyline was interesting, and fun to follow. The characters were perfectly annoying, and by the end of the game i was ready to break the controller. We started right from the begining with cheats, cause this game is close to impossible without them. Even with cheats, some of the missions took days. Although we had the map on the wall beside the TV, it was still easy to get lost. The towns are so diverse, and there is so much open land to run through. The Side Missions can be extremely hard to find if you dont use a Walkthrough. I recomend looking up a FAQs Walkthrough on one of the gamesites. I found mine, which helped me through the entire game, by googling “GTA San Andreas cheats Xbox”. In the end, it was one of the funnest games I have played.


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