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Who do you think is Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby’s Daddy???

Who do you think is Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby’s Daddy?
1) Howard K. Stern
2) Larry Birkhead
3) Prince Frederic von Anhalt
4) Smith’s bodyguard Alexander Denk
5) or did Smith impregnate herself with the frozen sperm of her late husband J. Howard Marshall II

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Britney Spears Shaving Her Head = Sad or Funny?

Britney Spears Shaving her Head = Sad or Funny?
1) Feel Sorry for Her – She Could Actually Need Help
2) Think its for Attention – She had to do something new and not yet done by another celebrity
3) Wish You Could Pick up a Magazine without seeing her
4) Couldnt care less – Who Pays Attention to her Anyways

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February 22, 2007 Posted by | Gossip, Music, Polls | 2 Comments

Is this a shear cry for help, or is it all for attention?

So as all of you know Ms. Britney Spears has shaved her head. Now that questions poses is this a major cry for help…or is this all for the media?…I mean there are pictures of her exposing her “down there” many times over as well as pictures of her and Paris Hilton looking very lesbian that day. Also pictures of her coming out of clubs with no clothes on, and pictures of her in clubs…still with no clothes on. Always with a drink and smoke in hand. So is it time for Britney Spears to actually spend some major time in rehab, and get the help it really looks like she needs…or is it time for her to grow the hell up and stop acting so childish and actually be the mother her kids need her to be? I mean if she really is sick, thats incredibly sad, yes, she might have put herself in this position and everything but it is really sad. If she is really just messing around….stop trying to get attention, it really does just make you look pathetic. I think anyways.

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Anna Nicole Smith – “Like my Boooodyyy?”

I have recently noticed another one of those lovely, eye catching commercials by Anna Nicole Smith. After asking every one if they “Likkeeedd [herr] Bodddyy??” at the infamous award show a few years ago…she is now clearly known as the Trim Spa Slut. I watched the clip of her again at the award show, and still i cannot figure out what it is with these women getting high before the award show, i mean she is clearly not the only one who has done it….Macy Gray Drunk….Fergie on Crack…Courtney Love falling all over the place. But what makes these people think that if they stumble on stage and try and slurrrrr out the words everythings going to go unnoticed. Well not this time Anna Nicole!! You cant get away from being extremely critisized this time. We’ll start off with the award show night…

You went on stage…you were completely screwed out of your face. You were so far gone you were crossed eyed. You tried to give praise to a person whom im pretty sure you almost forgot the name of. And then you finished off your very creative performance with clapping over top of your head WHILE eye-balling your own boobs. Nicely done Anna. We know you have big tits, and most people like them and now all those people know you often check them out yourself…

Next in line is one of the Trim Spa commercials Anna Nicole has done….

First of all…they made it look like she could actually surf, but dont be fooled…she’s lying on her stomach for a reason, and how wet she looks…is probably giving away shes not really capable of it. Next..shes driving in a red viper…trying to look “hot”when really all shes doing is giving her extremely creepy smile: Like Below…its not the creepiest but its weird.

A smile in which, makes her look constipated. Then shes throwing the money she used to pay for her LIPOSUCTION(trim spa, yeah right)…out of the car for whatever reason and then she goes off and is just herself. Crazy, freaky lady who people now think is protecting a man who is being questioned in the death of her son Daniel. one word…Weirdo…

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“So you think you can dance” – WINNER!

I watched the finale of this show tonight so i was able to post who the winner was. Well the winner was Benji..the most flamboyant guy in the show. The one that clearly Celine Dion would love to have dancing to the beat of her heart or whatever her songs are called. This show thinks that they’re being so different from all the other ridiculous shows that are on the air right now…eg: American Idol, Ice-T Rap school….they’re all meaningless shows. Lets take Ruuubannnn Stuuuudddarrrdddd for example too, he WON that season of american idol…..but hey! Has anybody heard any new songs from the big teddy bear lately, or in the past two years atleast? i dont think so..instead Clay Aiken  took all the albums and sold millions. Now is that going to happen with Benji? whose to know, maybe Celine Dion one day will get fed up with him, start screaming french profanities at him and pick up the next person. She probably recorded congratulation tapes for all four of those final contestants, had no clue who was going to win, because she doesnt really care. If she did, she would take the time off to be at the show to see who the next back up dancer was. Whoo hooo “So you think you can dance!” Its the best show ever!! *VOMIT*….

Benji…..The “Winner” aka….Celine Dions new bitch!..or the ugly guy with all the talent…another Clay Aiken?

Isnt he a catch!

Travis….The Runner Up..aka. “The Hot Guy”

Third Place – Donyelle..aka…”The Hot African American Girl”

Fourth Place – Heidi…aka…”The Annoying, Hot White Girl”

So, as you can see the show made sure they have all the types of people they could as the final contestants…which in the end would result in no controversy over whether the show is biast blah blah…

January 28, 2007 Posted by | Gossip | 1 Comment

Malibu Wildfire Takes Down Home!

An unexpected wildfire made its way through Malibu Monday night completely destroying “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers home. The damage done was an estimated loss of 2 to 3 million dollars and this is including the cost of the house as well as a jaguar convertible. Somers said she looks at things optimistically and says they will just have to rebuild. (although im sure she has a few more homes she can handle to live in for the time being, as well as has many more jaguar convertibles where that other one came from.) Victoria Principal was one of the many many residents in this exclusive beach down who was left hosing downt here roofs getting ready for the roar of the flamey wind. Luckily for her, her home was not hit.

Courtney Cox, Pamela Anderson, Mel Gibson, Barbara Streisand, Cher and Shirley MacLaine also have homes in this area.

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Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell

After watching the vidoes I vote for Rosie. I love Rosie, and even if I had no idea who she was, she made me choke I was laughing so hard. Trump just isnt good at insults, and who feels that Miss USA deserves another chance anyways?


Rosie’s initial bash

Donald’s Response

Rosie’s Response to Trump

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Miss Nevada throws it all away

Although Ive never cared for beauty pageants, I saw this and desided that I had to write about it because its way too funny. It turns out that Miss Nevada started drinking and partying, and got a little crazy. During all of this fun there was pictures being taken of all the fun activities she was doing. Obviously, even if you are the most uneducated in the feild of pageants, like me, you know that if someone drinks and parties and practically had public sex that they get kicked out. Appartenly because they are “supposed” to be setting an example, although i dont see how. So…. turns out that she wants a second chance. View the pictures and deside for yourself if you think she deserves it.

December 26, 2006 Posted by | Gossip | 2 Comments

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz lets it all fall out

Most people have heard of Fall Out Boy, I hope.  Well… it seems that the bassist Pete Wentz has dropped his pants for some self taken cell phone pictures.  So… it turns out that he sent them to a girl that he liked and then they got sent around to everyone. I guess he learned his lesson. I watched an interview where he commented “All I can do is laugh about it now”, and Pete… I think thats all everyones been doing for a while now. Ok, so I know that theres going to be some viewers who read this and are intregued and curious, although Im not willing to post the revealing photos on this blog, I will however give you a link to the first site that I found hosting these “Fallen out boys”.  My opinion… its hard to imagine that this was just a publicity stunt, you’ll know what Im talking about when you see the photos. Because you’d think that if Wentz knew about the scandal that would arise and how many millions of people would see the pictures, Im pretty sure he would have taken more flattering photos. Celebrities should just know better by now.

December 26, 2006 Posted by | Gossip, Music | 21 Comments