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Scared of Jolly Santa?

Have you ever wondered why every little child is extremely scared of the ever-so famous Santa Clause? Do you think its his extremely terrible ability to groom his face? Or that he’s dressed entirely in red and white, with the exception of his black boots and belt. Or is it the fact that this man, from eating cookies and drinking egg nog every christmas eve night, has never lost a pound leaving him to look like a freakin giant compared to a one month old child. Or is that he drives a sleigh, that is carried by reigndeer. SantaTo be honest Santa doesnt seem like the nicest person in the world, other than the fact that he brings us presents every year. But other than that i dont blame a child for screaming their face off every time they are stuck on the lap of a million year old man who looks like a red blob with white hair everywhere. Take a look at that santa in the picture he looks  like he was pulled of the street and payed 20$ to have kids screaming in his face and bouncing on his lap all day! My verdict on Santa, hes freakin scarY!!! 


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