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Chelsea R

I grew up on a small Island and have recently moved to Nanaimo. After growing up on a tiny island all I had was music, so thats my favorite past time..whether its playing, singing, or just listening to it. Im very into sports, mainly swimming and soccer. I also LOVE cars and trucks and whatever else that has four wheels and chrome everything. Im in my first year of college, whoo hoo, never thought i’d make it there haha!…I want to end up majoring in Geography/History/Women Studies(haha), this is if I play my cards right. My favourite shows are The L Word, Reba, Gilmore Girls, and Friends. I tend to watch a lot of movies, and usually I watch new movies in theatre as soon as they come out. The most recent movie i watched in theatre, and loved it- The Number 23. Theres not much else to know about me I have so many favourite actors and actresses i wouldnt even know where to begin haha.

– R


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Chelsea B

I just finished my first year of college, Im unsure right now if Ill be returning in September. I plan on travelling a lot in the near future, I love learning about different cultures and seeing first hand the beautiful differences between all the many corners of the earth.  I love to learn, I like to think of myself as an intellectual person. I like the outdoors, especially the water.

 I listen to ALL kinds of music, watch ALL kinds of movies and read ALL kinds of books,  I try to give everything a chance to impress me. I dont like to set boundaries for myself, and im usually pretty open to trying new things. For music… right now im into hip-hop, reggae,  rock… anything with a good beat.Tv… I love the L Word. Movies… hard to think of any in particluar. I love so many different movies… Ill go with: The Number 23 at the present time (I just saw it in theatre, highly recomend it), as well I love Quinten Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs etc.), all the Lord of the Rings, Up in Smoke, Sin City, Dogma… Im usually into action movies.  For novels, I usually find myself drawn to artistic stories, I really enjoy reading cultural books as well.

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