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I recently found the best site for creating your own blog button.

Check it out if you want to, make your own button its really easy!
And IF you feel like hosting our button on your site… go riiight ahead!


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Triple Pitch for Britney

So I was on a road trip recently and I found myself thinking of ways that Britney Spears could use her insanity to her advantage and I came up with a few ideas for reality shows that would work perfectly for her. I mean – I’d watch any one of these…..

My Big Fat Bald Life –
This would be the best way to for us common people to get a good look at Britney’s life. What would be better than having a camera follow Ms. Spears through her life – showing exactly how annoying the paparazzi can be – how difficult parenthood is – and how crazy Britney really parties every night.

Who gets my kids now-
A behind the scenes look at the custody battle that Britney’s up against. We’ll all see exactly how much money Britney pays K-fed in child support!

The New Mr.Spears-
We’ve all seen the Bachelor, Flavour of Love etc…. well what about if Britney did a show where 10 or 20 men/women all fought to be her next lover.

I’d watch any of these and I bet im not the only one – so Brit, if you use this – show me some love alright?

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Latte Art

This is crazy – It really makes ya think about coffee hey?
I was thinking while watching it, why hasnt this person opened up a coffee shop just for the Latte Art, or why¬†aren’t they making money off this… maybe they are. The tape was sped up though – so maybe they’re just too slow. haha
Check it out— Its awesome!

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