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Anna Nicole Smith Dead

Anna Nicole Smith was found dead this afternoon. No word yet on the cause of death. More will be released.
Big controversy over the custody of her daughter. She may be a rich little girl but she just lost her mother. Who knows who the father is? The DNA paternity test that Anna Nicole Smith was insisting she didnt want her dauther to have, will now happen – and that will determine not only who gets most of her money and estate – but as well the custody of her daughter.
Rumours that she had a nurse with her and that she new there was something wrong.
This is a huge tragedy for the family, first of all the loss of her son Daniel, and then she passes away.

After these issues we feel bad for writing what we wrote earlier. This is a horrible thing to happen, and we wish only the best for Anna Nicoles family.


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10 Year Old Palestinian girl dies from injuries

Abir Aramin (10) was said to be with two other girls in the West Bank Villiage where Israeli is building a section of its West Bank barrier. They were near Israeli border police vehicle when it drove by, and it is said that there were rocks thrown at the police vehicles. The Israeli police responded with tear-gas and stun-grenades, and during the violence the small girl was hit in the head. She spent 3 days in a hospital in Jerusalem before passing away.

This just shows the amount of fear that people are packing around with them. You would have to be extremely afraid and worried to retaliate against some 10 year old girls. It isnt much different from the bull-shit that happens in the US, and many other countries. People get so worried about being watched, criticized, judged, violated, and killed that they spend there lives in fear. Michael Moore makes an excelent point about this in Bowling For Columbine. Its really something to think about.

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Baby Born From Rescued Embryo

The embryo’s were rescued from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Baby Noah Noah and his motherMarkham was born by Caesarean Section at St. Tammany Hospital in Louisiana and weighed just over 8lb 6oz (3.78kg). Mother Rebekah, 32, said she chose the name “because God put it on his heart to build an ark”. Her embryos were along with 1,400 other canisters of stored embryos in liquid nitrogen retrieved by police boats in 2005.

Although most of us know that not much is being done in the way of reconstruction in New Orleans, due to the lack of funding from the Government, but a story like this gives hope to those wondering if anything good is coming from Katrina.

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Hussein’s Brother Decapitated

Both of Hussein’s aids were hung this morning. Barzan Tikriti (Sadams half brother) and Hanged ...  Barzan Ibrahim.Awad Hamed al-Bandar were hung side-by-side. Both men were found guilty, along with Hussein, of killing 148 Shi’ite Muslims.  A video is being linked around the internet, in which it shows both men being hooded and hung.
As they fell Tikriti’s head was decapitated, and the video shows his headless body laying on the ground.

Khalaf al-Olayan, a leader of the main Sunni bloc in parliament,  is demanding to see the videos. “It is impossible for a person to be decapitated during a hanging,” he told Al-Jazeera television. “This shows that they (the government) have mutilated the body and this is a violation of the law.”

Others say that he fell hard and fast enough that it would instantly decapitate him.

This is one of the most disgusting spectacles. My feelings about the Hussein hanging have now been bumped down, because this is so much more disturbing. Think about the children who saw the Hussein hanging, and the ones who mimicked it (three children dead). What’s going to happen when kids see this video?

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3 Children Dead after watching Hussein Hanging

Three Children (10 year old boy from Pakistan, 15 year old girl from India, and 9 year old boy from Texas) all hung themselves within the last week after watching the Hussein execution.

The boy from Texas watched the leaked out video of Hussein’s Hanging and simulated the execution; “We’re theorising he tried to experiment or mimic the behaviour and it got out of control,” local police captain Thomas Claunch stated. According to Police reports the young boy went into his bedroom and tied a peice of clothing to the bunk bed and then around his neck. “There was nothing to indicate any criminal wrongdoing, it appears to have been a tragic accident.” Mr Claunch said. 

In Pakistan the 10 year old boy and his 11 year old sister both watched the execution on TV. His sister helped him to tie a rope around his neck and to the ceiling fan on the roof.

15 year old Moon Moon from India became depressed after watching the Hussein execution; “She said they had hanged a patriot,” said Manmohan Karmakar from the town of Kharda. She told people around her that she wanted to feel the pain that Saddam felt during the hanging.

Where does the world stand when we can blame violence on video games and then witness this. Violence isnt fueled by mature films or games, it’s brought on by the presentation of actual death. It’s too easy to blame it on one thing, but I think this is evidence enough to prove that showing a public execution as entertainment will definetly effect the minds of some young viewers. 


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